Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Choo, Choo...

... and so the Choo choo train saga continues. How is it possible that a two year old knows that a brown package taken from the mailbox is a box that contains a train? Really? We made our trek to the mailbox yesterday to see if Opa's birthday gift had arrived from Vancouver. Well it was there and the moment I opened the mailbox all I heard was "Choo choo train?" over and over and over, all the way back to the house. I of course, didn't know what it was and kept saying it was a bird on the stamp not a choo choo train.

So we get the parcel home and no sooner have I put the rest of the mail on the counter when paper is flying through the air and the words are getting jumbled. "Choo choo, Thomas, Choo choo, Train, Opa..." they continue until I realize that Opa has indeed sent a box that contains Thomas the Tank engine complete with a water tower, Thomas and a cargo car and Sir Topem Hat. Well, our train world is now complete. We have more than enough trains to satisfy any child for an afternoon or an evening. I truly never thought my child would love trains so much, but indeed it is true. We now have in total eight different types of train sets. Ranging from the very young to the regular old fashion layout for adults. The funniest thing now, is that my husband no longer loves trains!!

I will continue to try to ply my child with other stimuli just in case trains are a phase, but I fear that this will become a life long hobby and I will have to fold and enjoy the trains too. Oh the joys of toys!


Anonymous nancy said...

Don't you just love seeing how even the young ones can so completely enjoy their gifts/toys? You are smart to prepare for this phase to pass, but then it will no doubt pick up again, and again, and again....

Have fun with your choo-choos little guy!!

8:57 AM  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...


Nathan loves his trains Paul just bought him Diseil 10 last week...he's slept with it for 4 nights? Thomas is a great set...I'm glad Nathan loves it so much...even more now that he puts the tracks together himself!

2:40 PM  
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