Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ahhhhh... high heels, how I miss you

I had a meeting the other day, one that I couldn't bring a toddler to. So, I figured what better excuse to crack out the heels? I used to wear them every single day, right up until I left on maternity leave. The feel of sliding my feet into my favorite slides with nicely polished toes and smooth soles was one of my favorite things of my day. Then, I became a Mom. Now I wear sensible shoes. Nice, but no heel. Sandals for summer, but again flat. I think I had forgotten how wonderful a good pair of dressy heels can make me feel. Yes, I felt wonderful. Aside from the not so manicured toes, I felt great. I felt 10lbs lighter and 2inches taller. Now, I have to wonder why I am not trying to incorporate my heels into my everyday life again. Would it really be that hard to get groceries with a toddler on my hip wearing 2 inch heels? Would schlepping the stroller out of the trunk in my heels look ridiculous? Really? You think so? Sadly, so do I. I should add that a girlfriend of mine has a 9 month old and she manages to get away with wearing heels and not looking ridiculous, but somehow I just don't feel it is right. She is a good three inches shorter than me though, so maybe that is why, I am already 5'10" so I tower at 6' in my wonderful shoes. Perhaps I can meet somewhere in between, with a low heel that flatters, but doesn't look silly. Now, I have to go shoe shopping, and get a manicure.

Oh a day at the spa, now that would be wonderful. I remember those regular appointments well. At least once a month, I would get a manicure or pedicure, sometimes a facial or a massage. Now, I am fortunate to go on my regular birthday spa day. I am glad I had that glimpse into my past the other day, it just reminded me that I really need to take some time for myself and get these feel to the spa before I have to cover them up for the winter again.


Blogger nancy said...

I can relate - in a way. I was never a high heel person (9 knee operations does that to someone) but how I crave to just one day wear a nice blouse and real pants, and not just jeans and t-shirts, etc. When I do get to 'dress up' I feel so grown-up. Not in the I am 30-something, married with a beautiful growing up family type grown-up but in a "look at me in a SKIRT!" grown-up.

Great post - but if I did see you in heels with the stroller in Loblaws, yes, I do think I may laugh (a little) at you.

11:15 AM  
Blogger BeachMama said...

Nancy, so sorry you don't get to enjoy the high heel experience, but I can still relate with the "look at me in a skirt". For you it would be doubly more exhausting to try to dress up and go out with the boys. So for now we will have to enjoy the few moments we have to dress up and one day we will look back and remember the fun we had in a not so fancy way. And no, you won't see me in heels at Loblaws ;)


9:08 AM  

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