Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A post-Halloween Post

Having not grown up celebrating Halloween, it is a really big step for me to allow J to go out and prowl the neighbourhood. My family is Christian and do not believe in endorsing a holiday that celebrates the dead, amongst other things. I totally understand where my parents come from and did not feel like I missed out on anything, but rather revelled in the fact that we went to fun awesome restaurants and were just plain different than other families.

Hubby was a big time trick-or-treater. Since we have been together he has made me hand out candy while he took A out collecting it. Last year, since the weather was nice we hung out outside with the neighbours while distributing candy. J was only two so we did not dress him up. As the night went on he got the gist of trick-or-treating and walked up to the neighbour and said "Trick-or-Treat?". Thus began the countdown until this year. Since Opa was going to be here, he requested to take him out. A decided he wanted to be with J too, and Hubby went. I stayed home and gave out candy. Again it was a nice night so I hung out with the neighbour and chatted to the kids that came by. They thought I was a nut, but hey, they are begging for candy!

J brought home a huge haul, almost as much as we gave out. The boy kept going and going and going. Hubby, A and Opa all had pockets full of candy as the little pumpkin didn't hold much and they did not bring an extra bag. J has been pretty good, allowing me to dish out a few treats here and there. He asked me if we could have Halloween again today, so I had to explain the holiday thing to him. Of course, the biggest mistake I made was saying that we have Christmas next. All he has talked about today is Christmas. Yikes and with a month and a half to go!

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Blogger kate5kiwis said...

what a cute little feller you have.

halloween isn't very big down under. they do fill the stores with an aisle of gross dress-ups and a huge spider or two, but guy fawkes seems more exciting to our kiddos.

our local church has a fun idea: the kids all dress up in *nice friendly* costumes and go around *delivering* chocolates to the neighbourhood homes.. then back to the church for a BBQ and a party.

we've joined in the last four years (since we moved here!!). it makes a fab celebration for M5: cos that's his birthday !!!!!!!!!!

3:07 AM  
Blogger kate5kiwis said...

oh, we celebrate guy fawkes on nov 5, not sure if you do>>> with fireworks and stuff...
:o) k xx

3:08 AM  

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