Thursday, October 26, 2006

If Only

We could all live to be 104 years old!!! My birthday made me think of our family friend, Mrs. Morphet. I thought I had posted about her after our trip to The Beach in September, but I did not.

Mrs. Morphet celebrated her 104th birthday this past August and we brought her to our family favorite restaurant (and one of hers) Nicola's Pizza. Where the owners, Joan and Nick know Mrs. Morphet well, and have graciously let us take over part of there always busy, half hour turn over restaurant not only for her 104th, but 100th as well. There is even a photo on the wall from the 100th birthday! The waitresses looked at us sadly and said, "Guess we probobly won't see you next year for the birthday" to which we replied, "Don't bet on it!".

Mrs. Morphet is sharp as a whip, remembers everything!!!! The only problem is this past year her sight and hearing has dropped off a bit. She sees shapes and shadows and hears when you speak slow and clear or with My Aunt's megaphone (too hilarious, just like an old movie). Her claim to living a long and prosperous life is that she had no children! Her and her husband married late in life and he died quite early on, leaving them with no kids. While she was always happy with that, I secretly think she missed out, which is why she adopted my Aunt and Uncle.

They are next door neighbours and truthfully, Mrs. Morphet resembles my Grandma, who passed away in 1977. My Aunt and Uncle take care of her every day and moved her in last year after she went into a home who refused to let her eat her pecan pie when she didn't finish her meat. Who on earth deniens a 103 year old her pecan pie????? Let her eat whatever she wants for crying out loud.

If only, we could all be as healthy as she has been and live to see 104 or an age similar, and enjoy it as much as she has.


Anonymous kailani said...

I'm not sure I want to live past 100. LOL!

12:55 AM  

I don't think anybody should ever be denied a piece of pecan pie!

9:31 AM  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

She may have missed out by not ahving kids. BUT she looks like she did just fine adopting your family.

Too cute. I knew a lady that I called Granny and she lived to be 103. Her birthday was the same day as mine. She was a sweetie. Too bad her daughter isn't. ;)

4:14 PM  

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