Thursday, October 12, 2006

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

A Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends. We had such a wonderful weekend, I hardly know where to begin.

First we had the wedding. The one that I wore the little black dress to. It was beautiful. This couple has been together for about 15 years. A friend of Hubby's who was so against getting married 8 years ago when we got married that he didn't attend our wedding. He had had a really bad marriage experience and didn't want to go through that again. This summer he came around again and decided to marry his longtime girlfriend. He and his new wife are older than hubby and I so it was a quiet afair with mostly immediate family and a few friends. The ceremony was held at dusk in the gardens of the Hilton Hotel (hence the little black dress). The evening was warm and clear and couldn't be more perfect had they asked the weatherman himself. After the ceremony, which was full of love, jokes and a few tears, there was a cocktail recepetion complete with mock gaming tables (we were beside the casino) and all had lots of fun.

Next there was the half-marathon that Hubby was running on Sunday morning. Hubby has been training for five months for this half-marathon and almost didn't make it due to aknee injury. Another gorgeous day was waiting for us and I was just sorry that I didn't know there was a short 1km "tot trot" for kids like J. If I had known I would have registered him. I kept telling him, next year we will run. I also could have run a 5k with him in the stroller. The original race Hubby was going to sign up for didn't allow strollers, but this one did. I would have run it if I had known.

I did feel terrible not running in one of the events, but J and I had a great time walking around the grounds of the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum. This museum is a gem hiding away in the country. If only I had known it exsisted this past summer, I would have taken J many times over. All of the buildings were closed for race day, but you could look inside them and the fire station was open for a few minutes. Just long enough to take a look at the old fire engine. There were chickens and pigs and ... turkeys! Yes, J was laughing at the turkeys as they were 'gobble, gobbling'. I wondered at dinnertime if he put the two together as the same.

Hubby finished his race in 2 hours and 5 minutes and was very pleased with his results. He now has a nasty cold, and has been complaining ever since he finished the 21km run. Hopefully his next run he won't have the beginnings of a cold and we can see what was real affects and what was cold related.

A few hours after the run we headed to our Thanksgiving dinner at my parents. I had an hour to whip up two pies (pumpkin and apple) and we headed over for the feast. With Hubby exhausted and my Dad dead on his feet from working we prompted the two of them to take a catnap before my Sister arrived with her bunch. They were running late, so Mom and I had time to sit back and chat while munching hors d'oeuvres. Once everyone was rested and at the table, we had a great dinner. One filled with laughter and lots of food, my Mom still cooks for the whole family because you just never know if one of them will show up. We called the Sister's far away and chatted over dessert. All in all the only thing we could have asked for more is that the other two Sister's and their families were there with us.

Fast forward to Tuesday. After a weekend of sun, fresh air, beautiful outdoors, we had a morning of rain. I read about a Parent and Tot skate program so I thought I would try to register J and I. I didn't want to tell him, just in case there was no room left in the class, we had missed the first two. Well, there was room. And the excitement for J of putting on his hockey skates and going on the ice was just too much. He was sooooooo excited. He could stand in his skates on the mat so he figured he was going to be able to skate on the ice. Big surprise to him! I was exhausted within the first 10 minutes. His feet were flailing and he just couldn't keep those suckers still. By the end of the lesson he was able to stand all alone on the ice and fall down like a goalie. Yes, that means fall down on purpose. I had the teacher explain that you need to skate first before you can be a goalie. Let's hope that all this talk will be productive enough for our next class. I haven't quite recovered from the first one.

Today is Opa day. Opa has arrived from Vancouver to take J to the pumpkin patch. If only this was true. Opa is on his way to Europe and is stopping in for a few days before he goes. Then he will return and spend a week and a half with us after his trip.

I appologize for my lack of posting lately, but it really has just been too busy. Just wait until the snow settles in, I will be posting two or three times a day ;).



What a gorgeous day Saturday was for a wedding.

10:28 AM  
Blogger twinmomplusone said...

So proud of your hubby! And would LOVE to see you in your little black dress ;)

And to think you were THAT close to my place and i wasn't even here :( next time!
And that museum IS a little gem. Few people know about it. We've been there innumerable number of times and every season has something special going on.

3:15 PM  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

And I'll be reading it 3 times a day!

8:41 AM  

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