Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So Busy These Days

I feel I need to write a catch up post!

Thursday and Friday were spent cleaning my house and preparing for my little Sister's birthday dinner on Friday. I was trying to plan a semi-elegant dinner with the hopes that the kids would behave.

I decided to serve a Crown Roast with Wild Rice Almondine and Green Beens. We started with Wine and a cheese Platter. All was going well on the dinner front, but I decided to make a Devil's Food Cake with Mint Chocolate Ganache Icing. I have made this before, but the icing didn't work out quite right. I thought this was due to me not using whipping cream so this time I did. BIG MISTAKE! HUGE! The Ganache did not set properly, so when I was whipping it it started to separate. I figured it would still hold on the cake. Why I thought this I am not sure. So I spread it on and it held. Until I poured the rest of the Ganache on. This is when I figured out that it did not set properly, it was all over my Island. It basically poured right off the cake. This is at 4pm and guests are scheduled to arrive at 6pm. I try to think of what to do. Instead of running back to Farm Boy, I decide to scrape off the Ganache and whip up some good old fashion icing, they way Grandma used to. It worked, but there was so much icing holding the cake together that it was hard to tell if there really was any cake underneath it all.

The rest of the dinner was a success, but my idea of a quiet family dinner was anything but. Not only were the young kids wired, but so were the older ones. My Dad had been working so hard that whole week that he let loose and was laughing up a storm, talking in his very loud voice and mimicking J & J2 in all that they did. Add to the mix Hubby, who is now trying to outyell my Dad (NOT POSSIBLE) made me feel like I should have ordered in. My Sister loved it, as did my Mom who it was really meant for anyway. My Mom has just had her 60th birthday and 40th wedding anniversary, then my Sister's 29th... yes only 29!!! So in reality it was for them. The boys raved about it the next day so I know it all went well.

Saturday was spent recovering from Friday and putting the pool away. Another summer gone and swimming is done for the season. J was loving it so much that he wanted to go swimming even when we were all in our fleece pullovers. Now how to keep him loving it all winter long.

Sunday we went to the Ottawa Senators Family Fun Day. It was great, the kids loved it. J got his face painted and chased after Sparty, until of course Sparty came to talk to him in our seats, then he started to cry. A had a blast getting to watch the new goalies and pick up a few tips.

Sunday afternoon we all crashed in a state of exhaustion. After our naps we let A mow the grass while Hubby, J and I cleaned the garage. Phew.

Monday was a promised trip to the Children's Museum with J2. The boys loved it so much they did not want to leave. I actually bought a membership (or should I say J bought a membership with his Universal Child Care money) , the one that I can bring a guest so that we will have to go again four more times throughout the winter and upcoming year. The museum is set up with stations from around the world. Each station is a building or a boat or a pyramid and there are costumes to try on while they play and learn about each place. There is a café where they can pretend to work in a café, there is a grocery store, and a bank (where J & J2 pretended to be ordering a Moca Frappacino and a chocolate chip cookie from Starbucks). It was great. My Sister and I asked around and found out that they have a lunch room where you can bring your own lunch, we will be doing that for sure.

Which brings us to today, where J had his first visit with the Dentist. It went great, there were no tears, no confusion, just did everything the Dentist told him and was so happy to get his new tooth brush. J has two damaged teeth that grew in that way, so I was concerned, but hopefully all will be well underneath as they have not changed at all and we brush them very well. The Dentist figured the harm that we would do by making him get fillings would be worse than just leaving them be. If anything changes we will get them filled though.

So there have been my last five days. I have kept up with my excercises so I am quite proud of myself. I have been doing 30 minutes of cardio either outside or on the treadmill and I have been alternating core and strength. I don't feel quite as I good as I did in July but, maybe with another week or two under my belt I will.

We are also getting ready here for our special trip. I don't think I have mention this but... we are going to CALIFORNIA!!!! I have never been and have dreamed of it since I was 15. When Hubby told me he had a conference, I knew I had to find a way to go. J and I will be flying out with Hubby on Saturday and arriving home on Thursday. It will be short and sweet and my only regret is that we will not be close enough to Secret Agent Josephine and Whoorl to drop by for a visit. But, I will be thinking of them and wishing I lived in California too. Actually for four days I am going to preten I live in California, I just hope I don't stick out too much like a tourist.

**I tried to post some photos, but again Blogger is down.


Blogger chichimama said...

Enjoy California!!!!

And yeah on the exercise routine! I have fallen off the treadmill this week...ah well.

5:12 PM  
Blogger Northern Mom said...

California??? Woohoo
Anywhere near a beach???
We'll talk soon

8:44 AM  

California! What a nice surprise.

9:21 AM  
Blogger twinmomplusone said...

seems like your life is like mine, catch up post and all ;)

isn't it always the way that something you make/bake often will not turn out as usual THE day you have guests over. Sounds like a great celebration nonetheless.

closing the pool is always a sad day here. we had a last go at it last week-end (we cranked up the heater the day before) the kids had some of their friends over and all had a blast

way to go for the dentist visit ;) and way to go with keeping up your exercise routine, not always easy, I know

AND finally: Beachmama and California...sounds like a match made in heaven! Enjoy!! Will you be close to karyn?

12:27 PM  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

Have fun and see you when you get back. Take TONs of pictures.

Look who I'm telling to take pictures. You and your new camera.

WILL Miss you

3:07 PM  

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