Friday, September 08, 2006

Thanks for Coming

To my pity party :)

All in all yesterday was much better. Thank you all for stopping by to offer some cheering up. I truly think I stay positive for so long and then just when I think nothing else can go wrong something does, so I get hit like a ton of bricks.

The 10lbs extra weight is really what threw me on Wednesday. Since I had been working out so hard and had dropped not weight, but a dress size, I was thrilled. Then, this surgery comes along and blows me up like a baloon and does not want to heal. I couldn't walk for three weeks, then I could for a week. Then, for another week I hobbled. Ack. It was enough to make a girl cry. So, I did. Oh, yes and of course my weight has been an issue for most of my life so when I think I look like crap, it really sucks to have someone point it out for you. For no other reason but to say it.

Yesterday, I had a lunch for my house sitter and my Sister and our Mom. Poor girls had a choice of salad or salad. And for dessert, some fruit or some fruit. Actually they all loved it. I pulled out all the veggies I could muster and even walked the short walk to Farm Boy for a few extras. Then set up a buffet of salad stuff, with cheese and chicken to add if you like, and some veggies and dip. Then, for those so inclined there was platter of melon, canteloupe, pineapple, watermelon and grapes. So that was my pity party. We had a great time. The boys played hard, fought a bit, so they are out of vacation mode. And us girls chatted up a storm and kept kicking the dogs out of the kitchen.

The sun was also shining so the afternoon was spent with it pouring through the windows and warming up my face. J and I played out back for a while and of course he wanted to swim. To which I had to say no, due to the frigid temperature of the pool. Hopefully we will get some more of the sunshine today as the cloud cover this morning kinda bummed me out a little.

On a good note we have picked a treadmill that we are going to buy. I am so excited. I have wanted one for years so that I can keep walking in the bad weather and the winter. Now that Hubby is running , I had a good double excuse for us getting one. Our gym is almost complete, all we will have to do is finish the walls around it. Now, lets hope they don't sell the last few before we go and pick it up or end the sale ;)


Blogger twinmomplusone said...

Oh Beachmama, sorry to have missed your pity party. And even sorrier to hear about all that crap that keeps coming your way. Hang in there sister. There will always be some warm sunshiny days ahead. And there will always be your favorite beach deep in your soul.

big hugs

11:10 AM  
Anonymous beck said...

I've been looking for a treadmill too; what kind did you pick? Also, I saw you comment on SAJ's blog about loving your jogging stroller. May I ask the brand of that as well? Thanks!

12:10 PM  
Blogger BeachMama said...

Beck, I just wrote you about the jogger, but realized that I forgot to mention the treadmill. I honestly have to check which brand from Hubby as he has all the info. I just want to get the darn thing so I can walk inside ;)

2:21 PM  
Blogger kate5kiwis said...

well huge love to you... and your partee sounds fabulous.
i just went on a girls weekend to the beach with my daughter: fabulous... it rained but we didn't care xx

6:54 PM  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

hey That sound wonderful to me. I love it when anyone makes me anything. ;)

I'm glad you feeling better. I like you have had weigh issues most of my life but at one point it was I was too skinny...then I balloned up to what I am now and It's on my mind daily. I try to eat healthy but I do slip in salt and crunch if you know what I mean. MY SIL is Joining curves with me and we walk too. I should be ok with her to walk with she is 6' tall. So I'm gonna have to move it move it!

It takes awhile for you insides to heal so be gentle with them.

Love and hugs

8:25 AM  

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