Monday, May 08, 2006

Almost over

The end of our visit is almost near, but we have had a really great time. Another visit to a farm yesterday led me to ask "How many adults do we need to take a toddler to a farm?". The answer was four, Opa, Hubby, A and myself.

"J" is stocked up and ready to go. He has another new bike. The first one wasn't quite right so Opa decided this one was much better. He loves it that's for sure, all it is missing is a cup holder for Mom and we would be all set.

We also took a trip to the Science museum, "A" & "J" had lots of fun running through the Nortel tunnels and bouncing in the playroom. I was sitting watching all the families at the museum and was wondering if one day any of those kids will actually be hanging around with "J". There were also quite a few cute little girls, which made me think, anyone of those could end up being a girlfriend for "J". You just never know.


Blogger twinmomplusone said...

How much fun you've been having! You'll have to keep the momentum going once Opa is gone. Maybe with some friends ;) Been wanting to go back to valleyview farm for a while thanks for visually reminding me of the place! And that Nortel exhibit at the Science Museum is just the best!

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