Friday, September 02, 2005

A few random thoughts about Katrina

Just when you think things can't get worse down in Louisiana and Mississipi (and Alabama) you are shocked again. When will it end? When will the waters recede? When will people be able to go back in (safely) and check on what used to be their homes. And will there be anything to go back in and check on?

It seems we are hearing all the bad right now, all the looting (although I agree with the ones that are taking food and clothes... necessities... just not the tv's, etc.), the snipers, THE SNIPERS??!!?? What on earth is that all about? The apparent murders that are starting to happen, the lawlessness. What happened to these people? Since when did a disaster, an act of God, turn into an excuse to behave like that? (Oh so many questions, sorry) .

I am waiting patiently to hear some of the good news. I did hear a few reuniting stories yesterday. But, I think I need to hear a few more. Mostly of the newborn babies that are left at the hospital waiting for Mom and Dad to return. When they were reporting of abandoned babies, I started to cry and kept saying I'll take one or two!! There is room in my house and heart for a few more kids.

I know the Government is helping and it is a hard situation to get a handle on. But, I would love to see a bit of a camp or something set up to organize the people who are being evacuated out. I know they are working on getting them to Texas and other areas that are safe, but there are still thousands that need to get out and in the mean time there is no order or food for them while the buses are going back and forth. A little work on the ground could help get things organized, and when everyone that can be moved is moved they can work on setting up a permanant camp for those who will be there cleaning up. Makes sense to me!

Sorry for the ramblings, but I just really had to write out what I have been thinking. I don't expect anyone to be able to help me answer my questions, but I do feel better writing it down.

All our prayers go out to those who have been affected.


Blogger nancy said...

Well said. Ditto.

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've purposely not had the news channels on for the last few days. I did however sit down last night and watch some CNN and MSNBC. I am saddened by all that has does make one cry..We can only hope that things will get better very soon....

And yes, I too have room in my home and heart for more babies/children


8:44 AM  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...


I just watched Oprah and I don't watch alot of t.v a freind of mine had informed me of what is going on. I can't believe this is ahppening at all. I cried and Nathan asked me...Why are all the people dieing mommy? I had to tell him Honey I don't know or understand myself.


2:36 PM  

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