Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Grotto's Comes to Ottawa

I completely forgot about this great day, complete with photos, until I unloaded the camera this morning.

When my Parents went to our favorite beach at the end of August, my Mom asked my Husband if she could bring him anything back. He asked for a Pizza. Not just any Pizza, but a Grotto's Pizza. This is my Husband's favorite thing to do at the beach. Eat Grotto's!! He has it two times a day.

So sweet my Mother is, she heads over to the new "Take-a-Bake" stand on Rehoboth Avenue and asks for an uncooked Pepperoni and Mushroom. Sticks it in the cooler, and away they go, on their way home to Ottawa. Nine and half hours later, Mom calls to say they are pulling in and did we want Grotto's for dinner. My Husband was there in no time flat (good thing she called ahead to I knew not to make dinner).

15 - 17 minutes later we were savoring a delicious Grotto's Pizza. And for once it tasted just like the real thing! Usually when you have something at home that is great at the restaurant is just isn't the same, well this was, it was like a little slice of summer vacation in our own kitchen. All we were missing were the seagulls and some BirchBeer (similar to RootBeer, but red and sweeter).


We had to use the Big Huge Insulated Grotto's Cup for our Water!!

Thanks Mom and Thanks Grotto's it was great!


Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

Whatta sweetie your mom is to bring that all the way back. I would have remembered 1/2 way back.

What a great memoroy especially when it tastes as Yummy As you remember!


9:00 AM  

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