Sunday, October 02, 2005

Frick and Frack go on an Adventure

We have two dogs. Two large, silly dogs. When they are misbehaving I call them "Frick and Frack". Frick being the Siberian Huskey, he is only five and a half years old, but an instigator for sure. Frack is the nine and a half year old Collie Lab, who was as loyal as they come, until Frick arrived.

Today was such a beautiful, gorgeous day. The weather made it seem more like August than the second of October. We took this opportunity to bathe Frick and Frack before winter so they would be nice and clean and wouldn't get too cold drying off. A few hours after their bath, they still weren't dry so I let them out back while I put the little guy down for a nap. Frack usually knocks when he wants to come in and since I hadn't heard a knock I kinda forgot they were out there.

A half hour or so passes by and the phone rings... It was ByLaw calling asking about our dogs. My husband and I both were confused as we thought they were having their usual afternoon nap in the hallway, then I remembered letting them out! Apparently my Husband left the gate open out back and as loyal as they are, they set off on an adventure.

None of the neighbourhood kids playing on the street payed any attention to the two of them setting off down the street going for their own walk without us! However, a nice family two streets over, grabbed hold of them and called ByLaw. Thank goodness Frack's old tag was still on him and they were able to call. My husband raced over and they were being pet and cuddled by a bunch of teenaged girls, who gave them new names. BWB (black, white, blue for the huskey) and Bear (for the collie lab).

Frick and Frack are now safely home, fully in the know that they were up to no good. Both still have tails hanging low and ears pressed back. But, I have stopped crying (ok, it only lasted twenty minutes) I felt like a terrible Mom. This is only the second time this has ever happened, the last was right after Frick joined the team. But, I still feel badly. If the family hadn't grabbed them they could have been a lot farther away or worse, hit by a car or taken for good.

Thank you kind strangers, we will be by again to thank you in person, so sorry you weren't there to thank today! And Frick and Frack will be on a shorter leash than usual, as will their Dad when it comes to closing the gate ;)


Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

OH Anna...They just had to go for a stroll to show off how cleant hey were on usch a nice sunny afternoon. Max went for a walk with Miranda and her grilfriend and came back COVERED In mud. You should see my kitchen floor now.

Must have been a dog day. ;)

8:59 PM  
Anonymous Barb said...

Funny you tell this story now! We have this beige dog that comes to play every now and then and yesterday he showed up again. Jo and I were outside and not trusting 2 dogs not to fight, I checked on tag on Spencer's neck to find a phone number. Sure enough the owner showed up in my driveway apologizing and telling me that he is a really nice dog and not to worry....this afternoon we were sitting in the living room and a flash of light caught my was Spencer's owner opening the van door and taking him home again!

Must have been a great weekend for dog adventures


10:55 PM  
Blogger BeachMama said...

Glad I am not alone ;)

6:56 AM  
Blogger nancy said...

Glad everyone is home safe & sound! Cute story though, like Sharon, I wonder if they weren't just showing off after their shampoo. Heh heh.

7:34 AM  

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