Friday, October 14, 2005

Rain, rain go away...

I know we have been so spoiled with the weather this year. It has been hot, humid, gorgeously sunny, but that is why this sudden onslaught of cloudy, rainy, chilly days has me wanting to curl up and sleep (which is what we did most of the day yesterday). But, you can only really have one indoor day all week, two is too many.

So today, even if the rain doesn't stop, I will bundle myself and my little guy up and make sure we go out and play a game of hockey. Somehow, hockey in the rain isn't too appealing to me, but I am sure it will be glorious for a two year old hockey nut. I think his rain pants from the spring will still fit, if not, we will have to dirty two sets of pants today. I have to remind myself that others play in the rain. Take Nancy for instance. She always makes good use of the rain times two!! I will take a cue from Nancy today and pull out umbrellas and fun stuff for the rain and hopefully it won't even seem like it is raining anymore. Unfortunately, I won't be bringing the dogs along for the ride, they are bugging me to go out and play, but since they are newly shampoo'd and I don't feel up to cleaning wet dirty dogs, they will have to stay and guard the house (yes, we do let them out back to run around on the grass in the rain, just not the dirty streets, the huskey hates the rain anyway).

So if you see a drenched Mom and her two year old outside yelling "SCORE" don't be alarmed, it's only me.


Blogger nancy said...

Hooray!! We (of course) did the rain thing yesterday, pouring all day. Looks like we may get to do the same today. Agree that it is no where near as fun for the Mommies, but the kiddies love it and theh fresh air works wonders for them. Too bad getting a little more chilly, but we sport our tuques, gloves, rubber boots and umbrellas and off we go. Make sure to find as many puddles as you can, at least 2 inches deep ;)

8:12 AM  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...


Anna..>RIGHT ON...We went to the Mall. OK it was not puddle jumping but I don't get puddles out here inthe country it all soaks into the ground. I think I have one. About it. Anyways we did do some puddle jumping on the way into the mall. It was atleast 2 to 4" deep and ended up buying Monkey boy new DRY socks. MAN Going to GT for rubbers today.

YOUR SCORE! I'm sure Little J will love it.

8:35 AM  
Blogger nancy said...

LMFAO @ Sharon going to buy 'rubbers'...ahem!!!!

8:55 AM  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

Welll Ahem Nancy If Nathan is going to puddle jump don't you think I need rubbers too?

I make Bigger Splashes

8:11 AM  
Blogger DaniGirl said...

The good news is, it isn't raining. The bad news is, it's f-f-f-f-reezing with the wind today!!

I so admire those of you who go out and play in the rain. I have a hard enough time convincing Beloved to bring the boys outside to play when the sun is shining.

12:50 PM  

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