Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Halloween!!

We (I) got everything ready. Little paperbag lanterns looking like ghosts, a ghost on the street lamp and oodles of candy and chocolate. We figured we would have tonnes of kids compared to our old place as this one is more central to kids. Well, the last ones were getting the biggest handfuls of candy because I did not want it in my house. Yes, I did break the diet yesterday to splurge on some candy and chocolate. But, we are back on the wagon today feeling a little like being hit by a truck. It's amazing what too much sugar when you haven't had any does to you.

Being such a glorious evening we were all outside chatting with the neighbours and giving out candy. We did not dress up "J" as we felt he was too young, and I didn't grow up celebrating halloween so it isn't big on my list. I just told people he was dressed as a "skater boy", being he had his baggy jeans, skater sweatshirt and beany hat on. All of a sudden he walked up onto our porch and asked for chocolate, please. Then, he walked next door to their porch and asked for more chocolate, please. All the while loading up his pockets. So, I went inside and got him a little back and he walked back onto our porch and said "trick or treat" !!!! Holy Toledo! We were all shocked and laughing. He had figured out how to get more candy. So in good fun, we went to a few of the neighbours houses and he collected a little bag of loot (of which he is eating a sucker right now... bad mommy, bad mommy).

I did take some photos, will try to post some later. It was lots of fun, and we only have a teeny weeny bag of candy to deal with, thank goodness.


Blogger Running2Ks said...

Happy Halloween. I feel you on the sugar thing. My older daughter and I had to eat broccoli soup after splurging--just so we could feel better.

10:04 AM  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

LOL! Sounds Like J was more ready than you! He's one smart DUDE that Skater boy.

We only got 2 T & T out here. But that is usual around here.


12:50 PM  
Blogger nancy said...


9:57 PM  
Anonymous twinmomplusone said...

way to go J!
mine went to just 3 houses, had enough after that
but they still collected oodles of stuff :)
was a quieter Halloween around here too, seems like a trend this year

11:32 PM  
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