Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Ok, 35 ain't so bad

Sorry for the bad English, but I just had to use the word "ain't", mostly because is sounded better but a little because I don't really think it is a word :)

Yesterday I turned 35. It wasn't the best birthday I have ever had, but I felt like it was the end to a partly rotten year. I have the great side of last year, being a Mom, watching "J" grow and learn, hanging with "A" (our 13 year old) and having a great Husband who loves me. Then, there is the ugly side of last year. Moving, three terrible losses to me and one to my husband. So, it is with a great "Adieu" that I throw away being 34 and look forward to 35!!

Of course the first full day it is dark and gloomy and raining AGAIN. But, the weather I have no control over at all. So I will keep the lights on and put on the fire if need be.

My Sister put on a good spread last night for dinner, and bless her heart, she kept it almost all no-carb. We had a wonderful Pork Tenderloin marinated in a scrumptious curry/brown sugar marinade, served with cauliflower and broccoli. I did have a whole wheat roll, the first bread in almost two weeks, but it didn't make me gain back any weight or anything (like my two naysayers said would happen). Then, I did have a piece of homemade chocolate cake. With the thinest icing so as not to give me a sugar overload, since I have had very little sugar in the last two weeks. Oh yes, and a mouth watering glass of Greek Red Wine. Ahhh, I was very satisfied. It was wonderful to be treated with such thought on my birthday and really kickstarted my better mood.

I look forward to eating some form of bread soon as my girlfriend picked me up a french press or a panini press as some call it. I look forward to gourmet luches for sure. I also enjoyed my new jammies, new beach bag (yes my sister again), lushious towels and the flowers that Hubby brought home. All in all it was a pretty good day for sure. And I look forward to many more in this my 35th year!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope this next year is better for you and your family!
Here's a belated Happy Happy for you!

10:41 AM  
Blogger Pete said...

Happy Birthday Anna! :)
(have to go get something to eat now - reading this made me SO hungry!)

1:30 PM  
Blogger nancy said...

Sounds like a perfect birthday to me! Happy 35th Anna, wishing you less sadness in your 25th (well actually 36th) year.

I haven't had a good Greek wine in ages, now I must...

2:07 PM  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

Happy Birthday my dear I hope you have a wondeful Surprise this year and you get whatever it is you wish fr blowing out your candles.

I found my 30's hard too. BUT my 40's are pretty awesome. BUT I'm sure you won;t have the same luck I had you bad stuff is all gone. I know it is.


9:42 AM  
Anonymous twinmomplusone said...

Happy birthday wishes Anna, may your special day begin with a clean slate that will get filled over the next year with wonderful, memorable things. You already have a beautiful home, some amazing peaople in your life and you ARE a truly genuinely great person, sounds to me like a good start.

Heartfelt hugs

10:34 AM  
Anonymous twinmomplusone said...

Oh, and 35 ain't bad at all, been there for a decade already ;)

2:03 PM  
Blogger BeachMama said...

Thanks you guys. The year is definately starting off great, hopefully will continue on.


4:04 PM  
Blogger Running2Ks said...

Oh Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!

9:43 PM  
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