Thursday, November 16, 2006

Halfway Mark

So, not only am I halfway into my novel, I am also halfway into my ivf cycle. I thought I should write a little drivel about it because Nancy noted that she would send any of her cheapy unused pregancy tests that she got at The Extraordinary Baby Shoppe.

I love this little treasure of a store. I don't have much luck going there at the right time during the day, but they are always open online and I have made many a purchase. In fact I still have a wack of HPT's that I will most likely never need again, but hey they were only a couple of bucks. They also have wonderful cloth diapers, I have wanted to try them and wonder if I will do it if I get pregnant again. They also carry some wonderful slings and baby things, some of which I make myself others that I only dream of making.

Anyhow, so my update is that I am at the halfway mark. I have been on birth control (I know ironic isn't it, that I cannot get pregnant, but I must take birth control to start the cycle) for almost 28 days, this helps the clinic time when everyone comes in. Then last Saturday I started on Suprefact. Now this little gem of a drug helps put my body into menopause so I won't ovulate. So far not too bad, I have had two evenings of mild headaches. I haven't been on caffeine for a bit now so I didn't have to wean off it like I did when I cycled for J. The worst part this time is that the injections I have been giving myself in the leg have been hurting very badly. I have had lumps and bruises like I have never had before. I am not sure if my muscles are bigger and thus affecting it, or if my legs have just changed that much in four years. Either way today I used my stomach (oh so much more fat), which I was saving for the next drug, but it worked out so much better that I think I will stick to the tummy for now.

On the 24th of November I will, hopefully if all my levels are correct, be starting Puregon. Now, Puregon is the drug that beefs up the follicles and helps juicy up more than one or two for retreival. We have decided to go with 125 instead of 150 like I did with J. After our experiments this past spring, we know that I am responding even better than I did for J, so we lowered it just a little. If all goes well, and we grow just enough good follicles, then I will have the egg retrieval and trasfer somewhere in the week of December 5th. One week after I had ER and ET for J.

At this point I am feeling really great about this cycle. There is really no reason for it to not to work, except that sometimes it doesn't. I have been through this before, at the same time of year, so I am hoping that God will provide us with another miracle to bless our holidays.

On another note, our computer problems are fixed. The router was somehow blocking cookies, so some sites were not visible, mostly my blog sites. A quick reboot and we were off and running.

And to add one more drop of good news, My Dad visited his regular Doctor and looking at the results from the Emerg, it looks more and more like he did not have any heart failure, but just an irregular rythmn most likely caused by stress. Phew. And if only I was like my Dad, he is already down 12lbs and feeling really good about it. Of course most of it is likely water that he was holding in his lungs, but it doesn't matter one bit. The thing that keeps you going when losing weight is actually losing it. His snoring has already decreased and both he and my Mother are getting much better sleep. And he has been working only 10 hour days instead of 12 (we are working on getting him to an 8 hour day again).


Anonymous brenda said...

Oh How exciting!!!

I hadn't realized that you have already started the shots and on your way!!!

Heres' hoping for some wonderful news over the holidays!

I'm glad to hear that your dad is beginning to cut back and that he is already feeling better! Job well done good daughter to give him the kick in the butt that he needed!

Brenda, happy to hear all your good news!

10:43 AM  
Blogger kate5kiwis said...

wowee zowee
i feel so unthankful that most of my pre-pregnancies were so easy.. although it did take me a year to conceive my girl, R13. i remember the waiting.
huge love and cheering for you:
can't wait to hear your good news sometime soon X

2:56 PM  
Blogger twinmomplusone said...

Oh Beachmama, great news all around!

Already so close to your new cycle, thanks for the update and the descriptions! I'm finding that as the years go by, that whole period of my life is becoming blurry and the details are eluding me. BUT I do remember sneaking around to give myself shots, yikes!

Great news about your dad! Amazing how men tend to loose weight so much faster, bummer for us.

Keep us posted


5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad about your dad! And good luck to you on the IVF cycle, hope it works beautifully for you!

6:31 PM  

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