Saturday, November 25, 2006

Home Tomorrow

Thankfully, Hubby will be home tomorrow. J's fever has gone and he has been doing great but, all of a sudden around 4pm he started coughing and his nose started running. What's with that? At first I thought it was because he got a cracker caught in his throat, but he was still coughing when he went to bed. Hopefully he will wake up fully recovered and ready to pick up his Dad tomorrow afternoon.

We did get a chance to have some fun outside today at Grandma and Grandpa's house. But, first I must mark the calendar. Now, I love my Dad lots, I mean TONS. But, he was never big on playing with us kids. And I do not blame him one bit. He taught me how to change the oil on a car as well as a tire before I was ten. I could paint a wall better than any other thirteen year old and I had work ethic to no end from spending hours with my Dad. He even taught me to drive at twelve, just in case I needed to. But, today, yes today when my head was splitting open from the fertility drugs and J hadn't stopped talking since 5:30am, my Dad bless his heart took J to downstairs to play cars for almost an hour. My Mom was dumbfounded, we could hear them talking nonstop together so we knew all was well, but we didn't dare go down for fear the fun would end. Then, just for fun Dad took him out to 'work' in the garage. Which means moving one thing to another shelf just because. They had a blast. And Mom and I were able to wrap the trees and string her first set of holiday lights ever, J running back and forth between the garage and the backyard. (photo of the two silly guys is from Canada Day, they are showing you their favourite orange jelly beans)

Yes, I was thankful today. Thankful for my Mom and Dad who entertained us and kept us busy while Hubby was away. I was thankful that my Dad had the energy to play with my son, now that he has lost 15lbs (if only we could all lose 15lbs in just one week). I was thankful that I had my Mom to drink tea and hang out with. I may not have made a turkey this year but for me this was still a Thanksgiving weekend to remember.


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