Sunday, January 28, 2007

Appologies out there

I feel I must appologize for my lack of posting and keeping up to date. It is just going on the computer, although I miss it terribly, sometimes makes the nausea kick in. That and the fact that I wasn't doing much all that exciting for a while was making the postings kind of lame.

I am feeling better. My back is not quite right yet, but certainly getting there. Last week continued like Wednesday. Thursday I met a dear friend for coffee and lunch, we had great chats, J was well behaved, and we must not let as much time pass between meeting up.

Friday, I had unexpected lunch plans with a girlfriend. Apparently when I mentioned I might stop by sometime last week, she took it as I was coming for lunch on Friday. Although I was pretty beat from the previous days, I sucked it up, bundled us into the car and headed to her place. We had a good time, good food and I was home in time for J2 &A2 to come play with J for a couple of hours.

I was really hoping we could head to the canal for a skate yesterday, but with my back and the really cold temperatures, it was not to be. If it had been warmer Hubby might have caved, but not with it so cold. That being said he is off running a half marathon right now, funny eh? Too cold to skate on the world's longest skating rink, but not too cold to run 24km! Ah well, I guess he figured one day in the cold was enough for him. Hopefully next weekend, we must get out and enjoy the ice considering they thought it wouldn't freeze this year.

Hopefully, I will have some fun stuff to report next week!



Blogger nancy said...

Hang in there, hope your back is waaaaaay better!!!

8:09 PM  
Anonymous local girl said...

You don't need to apologize. We all understand. Just take care of yourself and get plenty of rest!

3:15 PM  

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