Friday, January 05, 2007

Five Things You Don't Know About Me.

I was tagged by RedDirtRoad to share with you five things that you don't know about me. Let's see how I do.

1. And I was going to share this in Reddirtroad's comments yesterday but saved it for today. I have a toe ring. I have been wearing it since I was fifteen. That would make it... 21 years that I have had this thing on my toe. It started when a friend gave me one of those rubber rings and being that I have fat juicy fingers, I stuck it on my toe. She kept giving me more when they broke, she even gave me a silver one, but that one hurt. About ten years ago, my sister made me one out of beads and I have had that one on ever since.

2. I drive a motorcyle. Ok, I used to drive a motorcycle, as I don't have one anymore. But, I had lots of money, there would be one parked in my garage. I used to have a '90 Kawasaki EX500, electric blue with a pink and white stripe on the side. The fastest I took it was 180kms on the highway heading out of town. Once, and only once did I push it as fast as I could go. I drove it around Ottawa and Winnipeg when I lived there. Then I sold it and got a convertible.

3. I lived in England. When I was six and turned seven, my Dad was asked to go to England to open a church. We packed up some stuff and headed there. My older sister and I attended school (Devonshire Public) and we lived in Sutton Surrey (5 Lynton Court, Cedar Road to be exact). And my next younger sister that I hang with almost everyday was born there. She has never been back to see her birthplace.

4. I play a cello. Ok, I can play the cello and I have one in the basement but I rarely take it out these days and I am a little rusty. I used to dream of playing in an orchestra that was playing a score for a movie. Most likely because my first teacher would write out the themes for "Chariots of Fire" and "Rocky" and other popular movies and we would play them in concert. I gave up seeing "Duran Duran" so I could play in a concert one night. I was the only cellist.

5. I was a cheerleader in highschool. I still love cheerleading and secretly watch all those silly cheerleading movies. I still remember a few cheers and break out in them once in a while to the horror of A.



Blogger nancy said...

Those are most fun and interesting things to learn about you - thanx!!

I have been wearing the same earrings for 5 years straight. I have cleaned them, put them back.

How's that?

12:17 PM  
Blogger reddirtroad said...

Hey. Perfect post' I had no idea!! Especially the motorcycle thing, vrrrooooomm, BeachMama!

3:11 PM  
Blogger twinmomplusone said...

guess I know you pretty well after all, knew 4 out of 5 ;) (didn't know first one)

but all those put together make you a pretty cool, unique person

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Angella said...

I had the same bike! But I had the black one with the blue & silver stripe. I, too, will ride again someday. I still have my kevlar jacket and my helmet :)

1:26 PM  
Anonymous local girl said...

I was a cheerleader in High School, too. I secretly loved the movie Bring it On.

3:45 AM  
Anonymous Ann D said...

Very interesting stuff! I think the cellist thing is particularly cool. You could be the Liona Boyd of the cello, with your hair.

9:57 AM  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

I knew all this. I feel superior now. LOL!

8:07 AM  

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