Thursday, August 16, 2007

Odds and Ends

After much talk (Hubby and I) and a fabric purchase I finally got around to covering a love seat that is in our bedroom. It took me a while due to the size of my belly, but I think it looks great. And now we can actually sit on it instead of the dogs. I used a vanilla microfibre. I have a couple little things to do to finish, but it is at least usable and the midwives can sit there instead of the floor.

Photos of J's room! The colours are "Maitland Blue" and "Summer Sky". Again both Pratt and Lambert colours done in the Para paint (Wall and trim, eggshell). The little pictures on the wall are all beachy and I have a couple more from our trip to hang up now that the painting is finished.

Funny, the room looks bigger in these photos, although it is a fair size, it isn't quite that big. J has his table where he plays post office and write notes. He also has his tool bench at the end of his bed where he gets his stuff ready to help Dad.

And finally, the last few things I need to sew up. I finished a sling for the baby and a nursing pillow. I have made so many nursing pillows for others but never one for myself, so this time I decided to do it. And I have some flannel that needs to be surged. Thank goodness these are all small little jobs and I can sit for ten to fifteen minutes and sew, walk away and come back later.

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Anonymous LVGurl said...

You are so prepared!!

I love the colors in J's room :)

2:48 PM  
Blogger little miss mel said...

I think you can now say


Nice work. The sham on the couch is perfect!!

7:02 PM  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

The loveseat looks awesome I have a slipcover my sofa but I haven't put it onin a while and I have a CHAIR that needs a slipcover too.


10:45 AM  
Blogger Karen MEG said...

That slipcover looks great - I wish I could sew. J's room is beautiful - you're so organized, it's amazing!

8:28 PM  
Anonymous kailani said...

Isn't sewing a great thing to know how to do? I'm so glad my Mom forced me to take lessons when I was younger. The sofa and room look great!

1:08 AM  
Blogger Kami said...

Everything looks great! HOpe that baby girl arrives safely and SOON - you are ready :-)

1:27 PM  
Anonymous DaniGirl said...

Oh for goodness sake, you are putting me to shame! Where do you get all your energy from, and can you please send me some???

On second thought, just focus that energy on the baby, cuz I'm dying of excitement for you by now!

8:11 AM  

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