Monday, August 13, 2007

Another Weekend and nope, no Baby.

Another weekend passed and although I initially thought Friday would be the day, the weekend passed without the arrival.

J did get his room painted, but since it is only put back together tonight and just in time for bedtime, I will have to share photos of it tomorrow. It looks great and J is so thrilled to have it done. I, however, was thinking at certain points throughout the weekend, 'If I go into labour the midwives aren't going to notice my clean room all they will see is J's room spread throughout the loft'. J slept in the baby's room on Saturday night and pronounced it comfy and good. So we are all set there.

Saturday was spent, not only painting, but at J2's birthday party. J was so excited to celebrate his cousin's 4th he could hardly wait until 4pm. At 3pm he started the count down carrying the clock around asking how many more minutes. It was darling and cute, but a tad annoying at the same time. It is funny how some of the same presents that were opened on Saturday will be opened again this Saturday for J's birthday. My only hope is that Baby arrives either two days before or the day after. J will be devistated if his party doesn't go off on Saturday.

Sunday was spent at a BBQ with the inlaws. Many cousins were there and it was good to catch up again, as we don't see them very often. Then we rested for Sunday night.

Today I played around with my camera at my Mom's. She finally got her special fence that she has been asking my Dad for so she wanted the kids to come and play worry free in her backyard. The kids wanted all of us out there, so we went and I took photos of her hydrangeas. I will say that peonies have long been my favourite flower, but the hydrangea is surely gaining ground. If only they smelled as beautiful I would make the switch.

Tomorrow brings my Sister from North Carolina for a few weeks, so we are excited and looking forward to the visit.

And yes, I stocked up on Diet Pepsi, it is sooooo good.



Anonymous kailani said...

Hope the baby decides to come soon! I can hardly wait to see photos!

10:31 PM  
Blogger kate5kiwis said...

love all the birthday partying, funny how long the last week of *waiting for baby* is huh. but soon we shall see her!!! :o)

6:13 AM  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

I hope the baby Come after J's Birthday. I Know from Experiance that the old one should have his birthday FIRST. LMAO!

10:46 AM  

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