Monday, September 17, 2007

Will Not Be Late.

We dropped J off at school again this morning, for the first official day for the rest of his life. From now on he goes every. single. day.

Last night he was really sad, he said he was nervous because there was going to be lots of other kids at school today. I reminded him that there were more kids in Duffer Doo than there would be in his class today. It didn't matter, he was nervous. In all there were 17 kids today, only 7 of them boys. I got to meet two of the Moms (hooray for me, I met some other Moms!! I never do that) who were as concerned for their sons that there were less boys than girls. J pointed that out last week that there weren't enough boys to hang around with. Hopefully today he will meet a few more.

Again, J would not leave us at the fence. It will take him some time to get over being left inside the gate. Hubby thinks we should just drop him tomorrow and leave, but after seeing the tears well up in his eyes as the kid beside him was bawling, I know that he is not quite ready. Maybe by next week he will be. I think he will have to get to know a few more of the kids before he will be ready to just be dropped off. As long as he isn't still doing this when the weather is cold and snowy all will be good.

I set the alarm on my stove. I will not be late. Tempt me all you want clocks on the tv, but I will be on time. I may even head out extra early to go for a little walk. A walk you say? Yes, I am feeling better this week for sure and would like to get my land legs back. I still feel like I am on a boat when I walk, kind of like sea legs. So, actually walking a little farther might be good for them.

I will not be late.



Blogger Kami said...

We had the same issues with Jack when he was in Kindergarten. Eventually I started leaving before the bell rang and it didn't take too long before he was running off without even saying goodbye.

J will get used to it and you will too. It's a big adjustment for you both :-)

2:49 PM  

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