Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Lunch with Grandpa

My Dad, bless his heart, will be 70 in a couple of weeks and is still going strong at work. He was hit with a triple whammy this past couple of weeks. My eldest Sister went back to Regina. Then, my Mom went to Regina to watch her three kids while she went to Las Vegas with her hubby to a conference (which I would have been doing last week with my Hubby had we not just had Apple, next year) apparently at my suggestion. And of course youngest Sister left last weekend.
When youngest Sister left, she left more than just the house. She was his extra 'man' on the job for the last two months. So this week he has had to work extra to make up for her leaving. We keep inviting him to dinner, but with the great weather he has been working until 8 or 9 at night, much past our suppertime.
To make up for all this aloneness (if that is even a word) today, J and I decided to take lunch to him. We picked up some Harvey's (hambergers, "a beautiful thing") burgers and fries, chicken strips and onion rings for J and headed out to his job. We offered to bring his other partner some Harvey's too, but he opted for his home-cooked lunch by his wife. Since my Dad had made his own sandwich today (a shock to all of us) he was more than happy to opt for the burgers.
J, Apple and I arrived with lunch in tow and had a great visit. If only we could do this everyday, it would help pass his day at work and ours too for that matter. Hopefully this will be his last winter on the job and he can officially retire next summer. Somehow, I doubt he will ever officially retire, but when he asked J if he was going to work for Grandpa one day, like his Mom did, J replied "no thanks Grandpa, I won't make a good worker". I laughed and said, "Dad if you are still working in another five or more years, there will be more to worry about than giving J a job."
Cheers Grandpa, hope you enjoyed your visit at lunch today!
*photo of Dad with Baby Neice, from Regina the morning they left.



Anonymous kailani said...

It's so great that J is close to his Grandpa. One day it will bring back many wonderful memories.

9:53 PM  
Blogger Kami said...

Look at you having just had a baby! Impressive, taking lunch to your dad already.


10:11 PM  
Blogger Karen MEG said...

Grandpas are terrific. So nice that you could take lunch to him and that your kids are getting to spend time with him. My dad is also coming up to 70 - amazing their energy at that age!

9:17 AM  

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