Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Can... barely... keep... eyes... open...

"J" was up at 3:45am!!!! Yep, 3:45am!!! Although he is now successfully napping, I am not. Why you ask? Good question. I was settled in for a nice afternoon nap when the doorbell rang. The guys are here installing our eavestroughing! We have been waiting patiently since September and they are here today (freezing their butts off I am sure). "J" is still sound asleep through the pounding and banging, but I am not. I can just barely keep my eyes open, but can't seem to fall back asleep. I even made a pot of extra strong coffee, but it isn't helping keep me awake either. Is there such a thing as in-between sleep and awake? If there is then that is where I am at.

The good news is that yesterday on a whim, I stopped in our local grocery store to see if they had any Xbox360's. They were scheduled to receive some and we have been waiting patiently for our chance to make the purchase. Which is a gift for the boys from the inlaws. Well!!! They were in, so tonight we are having an impromptu Christmas. "A" knows it is coming, but isn't expecting it until after Christmas, so for fun we are going to wrap it and have a mini-Christmas tonight. Fun.


Blogger nancy said...

And you let him stay up?? I admire you, one patient Mom. This morning one of my guys woke up to pee at 6 and I told him it was still nite time and he went back to sleep till 7:30.


3:18 PM  
Blogger BeachMama said...

I wish he would go back to sleep! We did cuddle for a half hour, then went back to his bed for another half hour. But, getting kicked and punched didn't get us back to sleep. Just when I felt like we were both ready to fall asleep again, his diaper leaked! Yep, then we were up for good :(

Anna - still bleary eyed

5:08 PM  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

OH Ann..Nathan does this to me every once and awhile but I refuse to let him get up and tell him it's still night time. Most times he sleeps till7:30 then but he kicks for about 45 min. I hope J sleep well and longer tonight

Poor you!

OH and I;ve been in the 1/2 asleep 1/2 awake for years now...haven't you noticed?

6:29 PM  
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