Thursday, December 08, 2005


Sorry that I have been MIA this week. But, I have not forgotten my duties. "J" picked up a little bug this week and spent the last day and a half in a fever. Fever broke last night and he seems to be his old self this morning.

I do have pics to post, but will describe my duties of the past week. Have finished the shopping (no pics of that) and I have managed to get three more cookies baked , now they just need their frosting.

Last night we put up our tree and decorated the house. Where we had so much stuff for our other house, this house seemed to swallow it all up in no time. The tree is full and lush and I actually had lots of help this year! A first, I am usually all alone singing carols making sure the tree is very symetrical. Well, no more... "A" & "J" and Hubby were all hanging ornaments! It was hard for me to let go of control, but I did and the tree looks great :)

Will be looking for the Boxing Day sales for sure!