Thursday, December 01, 2005

So Thursday isn't any better

I feel like we have hit a low in creativity. Or perhaps, I am just way too busy for the holiday season. Last year I was so not busy I got bored and ate too much (yes, I paid for it in pounds). This year I can't seem to get everything to slow down enough so I can actually accomplish everything.

I put word out for a few contract jobs, and now they won't stop coming! This is a good thing, on one hand, but right before Christmas??! Come on peeps, you should be chillaxing.

My Christmas Cards are almost ready for the post. Almost. I seem to get to them while water is boiling or I am eating lunch or something in between. I should have known better than to make my own this year.

I have not started baking yet! Oh the shame. I have the list of selected cookies, etc. but no time to start. This weekend I promise.

"J" and his cousin "J" seem to be acting like brothers, fighting over the same tractor, train car, toy of the day. How to we help them share. Separately they share like a dream, but together, they bicker and fight. Then cry when they leave each other for the day. Not sure how to handle this one anymore, but hope that they get back to playing like a dream. I miss those days.

Ahhh.... and there my friends is my Thursday morning. Oh yes, and "J" slept in today until 6:45! A record in a long time, it was grand.