Sunday, December 11, 2005

Christmas, full tilt

Ahhh, Christmas is going full steam ahead.

As promised here are a few shots of our week last week (minus the sick baby/toddler).

The Boys helping Dad put the tree in the stand!The decorating helpers, They did a pretty good job, so I won't be complaining :) Hubby asked if there were special ornaments for the kids. I had to remind him that we did not buy anything special for "J" because we never had any for "A". What we do for one we do for the other. "A" told us that was OK, he didn't need anything special. I told him that they whole tree was special for all of us and he and his brother had all things equally. It was a touching moment, one that I hope he remembers and understands. We love both of them equally, it just so happens that one doesn't get to spend as much time here as the other. One day perhaps, one day.

The finished product. I put the empty bags under the tree every year, and replace them with presents on Christmas Eve. It's a little like Santa. And usually Hubby, who hates to wrap, will fill them with presents he picked up.These tasty morsels are called "Rumprints". Yummmmmy. And yes, there is a little Rum in the icing, complete with a sprinkling of nutmeg. A family tradition for years (except Mom used to use Rum extract until I introduced her to the real thing and the mini bottles at the cash).

We have been busy wrapping and getting parcels ready for the post office. Will continue the journey to Christmas one day at a time.