Tuesday, December 20, 2005

They arrived!

Only 45 minutes late getting out of Winnipeg, but they have arrived!! "J" was so excited it was great. It can go either way with new kids or kids he hasn't seen in a while, but he and "LJ" remembered each other and it was awesome. "GR" was chattier than ever if it is at all possible and she arrived with her Dora suitcase chewing gum looking like 5 going on 20. The little fashionista gave me the run down of the flights and what they ate and didn't eat.

After gathering their 7 HUGE suitcases and me and my little sis being the only ones to lift anything (the other two are pregnant due in March) we set off to find the carseats. One arrives, the guy says he will be back with the other. Ten minutes later we see him walking away for a coffee break. And told to check with the airline. Apparently it was left behind in Winnipeg!! OF all things to leave behind, a carseat! I am about to flip out (mostly because "J" is now so exhausted he won't stop crying) when the girl says they have loaners. Phew! I was trying to imagine leaving one adult and a kid behind while we went and unloaded and returned for the other. Exhausted and piled into the two cars, and I mean piled, think 5 adults, 4 carseats and 7 suitcases!!! Yes, we have a van, but no Hubby hasn't put the new tires on it, and there is no way on this green earth I am driving that thing with bald tires!!! So basically he drives the gasmobile for himself alone, go figure.

Back at Grandma's! "J" brought his "Thomas" suitcase and within two minutes the three boys were all playing on the floor like "LJ" had not been away for almost 6 months. "GR" was told by the boys not to drive the cars on the train tracks so she decided to trim the Christmas tree.

It was a wonderful afternoon and I cannot wait to continue the festivities today!! It will only get better and be more fun. Now, how to convince them they should move back???? Have one month to work on it, will start today.


Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

I'm glad your sisters are here. I know how much your family means to you. ENJOY! And I want a full recoprt with a coffee and a coffee cake when they are gone. (I'll even make the cake ;) )

8:28 AM  
Blogger Running2Ks said...

Enjoy the great family time. It sounds like it will be a fun zoo there for a bit. I want blog fodder. Go, enjoy!

2:13 PM  

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