Monday, January 30, 2006


Ok, so I was trying to be really creative and research the two teams. I have done lots of reading, but am not entire sure how to weigh the information. They are both very good strong teams. I know that Seattle is favored to win, but really when the Steelers won over Indianapolis, it was like there was nothing stopping them. And Indianapolis had only lost one game all year, they were also favored to win.
I really think when it comes to the Superbowl that both teams pull out all the stops. Hubby was also making reference to the fact that a lot of the time one team seems to dominate the game and it is usully a blow out. I think that happens when one team gets a few goals up front, then the other seems to fall apart. Of course, we will have to watch to see what happens this year.
Did you know that while in Detroit, all the team members have police escorts where ever they go? I was shocked. But, I guess there may be a few crazed fans out there that might want to hurt someone. Apparently there are police escorts in every city that hosts Superbowl, but Detroit has pumped it up a bit to include the media too!
I did find this Superbowl Blog that is written by several guys in the media (that is where I heard about the escorts), it is an interesting to read.

So who should I cheer for? Will wait and see who I like the most on Sunday :)


Blogger nancy said...

Well, we just bought a new TV so we are now all of a sudden hosting a Superbowl party and the TV doesn't even arrive until Saturday (let's hope it works!)

I am making chili, others are bringing pizzas, chicken wings, brownies and rice krispie squares (can you tell it is a family kids included Super Bowl party?)

I don't really care about the game at all....but there is a brand new Grey's Anatomy of after the game - that's what I am excited about!!


8:29 AM  
Blogger Running2Ks said...

I guess it doesn't matter. Seattle is a prettier city. People love gritty football teams, though.

So--watch for the great commercials!

9:01 PM  
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