Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Fours Meme

Tagged! I was tagged for this Meme by Nancy yesterday. Sorry I am a day late, but here it goes.

Four jobs I've had
1. Pinkerton's Security - Guarding concert goers
2. Cineplex Odeon - Manager
3. Angelo's Pizza - Rideau and Cobourg - was the best pizza in town for a long time
4. Nortel - Project Manager

Four movies I could watch over and over
1. The Wedding Planner
2. Bridget Jones
3. Working Girl
4. Untamed Heart

Four places I've lived
1. Ottawa, ON
2. Sutton Surrey, England
3. Winnipeg, MB
4. Wakefield, QC - I am stretching here as I only lived there as a baby, but was looking for a fourth.

Four TV shows I love
1. Friends
2. Design Inc./Room Service - Both Sarah Richardson, love them both
3. Martha Stewart Living - the old show was my fav. I can live with "Martha" but, it isn't the same.
4. 24

Four places I've been on vacation
1. Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
2. Bermuda - sadly during their two weeks of winter, but it was still gorgeous!
3. Cancun, Mexico
4. Paris, France -not Ontarion ;)

Four blogs I visit daily
I visit way more than four, I can't even imagine picking four!

Four favourite foods
1. Food - oh you want me to be specific
2. Red Wine
3. Seafood
4. Nicaboli - from Nicola's Pizza, Rehoboth Beach Delaware

Four places I'd rather be
1. On a beach - or at least living in a big old beachhouse within walking distance of the ocean.
2. On Vacation with the family
3. Spain - heard it is beautiful
4. Greece - same with Spain

Four CDs I listened to most recently
1. Jack Johnson - In between dreams
2. U2 - Actung Baby
3. Mozart - "J" loves him
4. Counting Crows - August and Everything After

Last four vehicles I've owned
1. 1979 Malibu Station Wagon - that car ROCKED
2. 1986 Chevette - turned it in when it was over 200,000 km's
2 1/2. 1990 Kawasaki EX500 - Loved that motorcycle, traded it for the convertible, to please Dad.
3. 1992 Geo Metro Convertible
4. 1998 Nissan Altima

Phew, that was fun. My first Meme. Thanks Nancy!


Blogger Running2Ks said...

You did awesome. I thought you were a meme veteran. I love Achtung Baby. You have been more exotic places than I ever will be :)

5:12 PM  
Blogger twinmomplusone said...

how cool are you, a motorcycle!! and a Pinkerton guard!! I'm not messing around with you girl :)

10:38 AM  
Anonymous linda said...

I love your Blog!! And I also like Sarah RichardsonĀ“s Room Service. Is it true that she is a mommy now?

2:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:32 PM  
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