Friday, January 13, 2006

To fear or not to fear?

My Husband works in the healthcare industry. No, he is not a Doctor, but somedays he pretends he is.

Yesterday, he came home early to spend time with me, for which I was grateful. Until, he decided to give me a lecture on the upcoming, not the potential, but upcoming Pan_demic. Now, I am not a fearmonger nor am I naive. I do know what is going on out there, but I am trying to live my life not in fear of a possible outbreak. I did tell him that yesterday was not the day to discuss, but he felt the need to drive it into my head that loved ones will surely die, that we will have no food or water and he will be at work for the entire time it is going on.

So, basically I will be alone to care for myself and our little guy. I will most likely catch it because I shop in malls, we will run out of food and water because I do not have a three month supply in the basement. We will have no water or means to cook... hmmm.. let me think of what else... oh yes, I did mention that one of my loved ones will die. Yep. That was my grieving day yesterday.

So here I sit this morning, planning out how to get a few extra supplies in the house so Hubby doesn't do that to me again. And, have a plan of attach on how we are going to cook and clean with no running water and method to cook. Therefore, the next time he tries to scare the crap out of me, I will be as prepared as possible to say, I am as prepared as I can possibly be.


Blogger twinmomplusone said...

hmm, friday the 13th AND hubby scaring the crap at you, not a good day

good for you for organizing yourself for a potential calamity, if anything to appease your husband who may be a bit on the paranoid side ;~)

off to fill some water jugs :)

11:11 AM  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...


I don;'t worry about these things. You are strong and so is J and M is strong to even though he works in a hospital. You should remind him of that. And a few extra canned goods can't hurt I have it in the house in case a hydro outages from another storm. I can cook on a wood stove.


1:58 PM  

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