Monday, January 02, 2006

Getting back to routine

Tomorrow will be rough. After the last two weeks of having Hubby home, at least for the most part, it will be a difficult day tomorrow. "J" has had so much fun playing with Daddy and letting Mommy rest that I may not make it through the day myself ;). Thankfully I have made plans for a playdate so that should fill the morning and perhaps "J" will get back to a regular nap for the afternoon.

Today we had playdate with the cousins, which went pretty well, except that all the boys were whinning. It was a little odd considering that they should be happy to play with each other, but they were all just a tad out of sorts. I will contribute it to too much chocolate and not enough regular food and hope that their next playtime on Wednesday will go much more smoothly.

Tomorrow also means a return to my schedule too. I have been working on a few projects and may post some photos of them as soon as they are complete. Time to get things finished up around here and start the New Year off fresh and new. Woo Hoo! I just had a burst of excitement thinking that the whole year is fresh and new :).

I feel like I should be sending out another round of "cheers" for the New Year. "Cheers"!


Blogger twinmomplusone said...

here, here, to a brand new and fresh year!

a new year always gives me this jolt of energy and determination to finsih up and tie all those loose ends around house and get the house in "order"

2:14 PM  
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