Monday, February 13, 2006

Chocolate, Roses, Hallmark Cards

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. In my heart of being a girly girl, I love Valentine's Day. Just to be thought of with a simple card or flowers (they don't have to be Roses) is truly what I love. Hubby on the other hand doesn't like the fact that there is a day set aside to "make" you show your love. So we will have to see what tomorrow will bring here in our house.

I do want to take a moment to remember one Valentines day a very long time ago (ok, not so long, but twenty years, is that long??). I was in grade 10 and every Valentine's Day you could buy roses and have them sent to your sweetheart in home room. My sister always sent me one, which was really sweet, so I would be thought of even if I didn't have a boyfriend. But, along with her rose, I received a rose from an admirer. All the card said was "I tip my hat to you". I thought I knew who it was from but, he said no it wasn't him. It wasn't until years later that I found out that it was him, and I never got to tell him I knew. It was a great day though, all my girlfriends trying to figure out who it was that sent it.

Since then, I have had many fun filled Valentine's Day's. Some spent working, serving dinners to the love struck or tending bar and listening to the not so love struck cry about being alone. And some being treated to an evening out full of surprises. After "J" came along we started getting together as a family for a Valentine's dinner. Although this year everyone seems to be so busy, that we will just be us tomorrow. But, that is fine with me two, because card or no card, flowers or no flowers, I will be with the two greatest loves of my life. The only way it would be better, is if "A" was here with us too. He misses out, but I'll save him some special chocolate sweet thing for dinner on Wednesday.

Happy Day before Valentine's, may you all be surounded by the ones you Love.