Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My Own Personal Slave

I remember being the personal slave while growing up. Actually each of us (me and my three Sisters) took turns being the personal slave. My older Sister had the shortest stint, being two years older than me, I replaced her rather quickly. Seven years later my next Sister was born, I was able to pass the torch on to her at the exact moment she was able to walk. Then, another seven years go by and lo and behold her relief arrived!! My youngest Sister was crafty from a very young age. She realized that personal slaves were invaluable and started charging for her services.
$1.00 for a run to the kitchen from the tv room
$0.50 for a channel change on the tv
$0.75 for back massages, that she was very good at!!

Here we are many years later and on a good day, I can count on "J" to be my personal slave :) This doesn't work every day, but on days that he is feeling helpful it definately works to my advantage. Our dogs love to go outside, constantly. "J" now can slide open the patio door and let them in and out. Gone are my days of being disturbed by them all the time, I can now share the annoyance with someone else. If I need a remote or a book off the counter or even something from another room, "J" is there to help me out. I only hope that his help continues on for a great long while, I finally understand why my Dad loved to have us girls running around for him.


Blogger nancy said...

LMFAO - I agree on the opening/closing door to let dog in & out - and they love doing it. Isn't it fun while they are willing to help - it definitely will not last so we best enjoy it now.

8:31 AM  
Blogger twinmomplusone said...

today they both asked for a mop and washed the floors...no way in h**l will they do that in a few years ;)
they love laundry: sortin clothes, putting them in, taking them out and they're the cutest dishwashers too!

11:44 PM  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

YUP! It Ain't it great! I have Nathan loving to vaccum that SUNDAY after church he asked if we could go home and vaccum. I Said YES sure. He goes vaccuming is such fun! And get this...He even picked up his toys to do it!

I never could fool Miranda like that but I sure can with him!

I wonder how long it will last............

9:20 AM  
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