Saturday, April 15, 2006

Happy Easter!!

We are halfway through the weekend, but fun is being had by all. Good Friday was a glorious weather day here in the Capital. And I was able to convince the boys to go Downtown (or Treetown as "J" was calling it) for lunch and some walking around. We stopped to listen to a busker, he was singing "Walk this Way" and was pretty goood. I just love the Market on a nice day!!

The boys had a great time tonight at my Sister's. She did up a great turkey and we picked up a few fun things for the kids to play with. They reserved their wild antics all day in order to show off for all the adults tonight. Hubby was a little shocked that our son could run around in a circle screaming for about 15 minutes. As he doesn't do this for Dad at home, just for Mom!

Little Sis played a game with the boys on her lap. Bless her as there was a good 80lbs of toddler bumping on her knees!

Happy Easter Everyone!


Blogger moe said...

I love the market in Ottawa. Hope you all had a great Easter. We had nice weather and a lot of fun.

1:35 PM  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

It was anice weekend. We got our patio set out and had a cuppa out there. We also did some yard work but there is alot more to be done. I should be getting ready to go out there now but I have to go to the bank.



9:33 AM  
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