Thursday, April 13, 2006

Spoiled Rotten

With the great weather. Today is so cool and gloomy, it hit me like a ton of bricks. As much as I like Spring, sometimes I hate it. Yesterday we were wearing shorts and sandals and today it's long pants and sweaters. Gah!

On a good note: Experiment #2 is going very well. So far the only side effect I am feeling is the headache that can go from bad to migraine in about a half an hour or it can just linger all day. It's ok though, because the end result if all goes well will be worth a thousand headaches. So far no extra weight too, which is great because this is the exact same few days last time where the pounds just showed up. And after talking to the nurse this afternoon, I have discovered that this go round is going exactly like it should, with no worries of overstimulating my ovaries. Phew! I feel a relief, mixed in with a little pressure. The pressure is coming from wanting this to work out. I want to try not to think about it too much but, I do want it to work out. Last time I had the added pressure of my Sisters having their babies and since that is out of the way, now perhaps it is my turn. We will see.

Now, back to my blanket, hot tea and fireplace :)


Blogger Ann D said...

There are a lot of exciting experiments happening out here in the blogosphere these days.

2:25 PM  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

Hugs...I hope this works for you. I've got everything crossed.

Tea and a fire place sounds great. I want to curl up with a good book and sleep!

3:46 PM  
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