Monday, May 15, 2006

Two more days

Until we leave for Regina!

I am already lying sleepless at night, worrying about travelling with "J". Will I have all the necessary tools to keep him occupied, will I remember his special blanket, will he eat the lunch I pack? All these questions and more have occupied my mind for the last three or four days.

My Sister is raring and ready to go. Our plans include visiting two very special "Kids" cafés, they are cafés that have a play center for kids on one half and a café on the other half. You pay $2 per kid and have to pass through a locked gate to get in or out of the building. Your kids can play while you get a break. I can't wait to check them out.

We are also scheduled to visit Chuck E Cheese, as we don't have one here in Ottawa, "J" should love it. He is a game lover at heart.

We will be going swimming. Possibly to the hot springs in Moose Jaw. And to some sort of play park. All that and more I am sure. Once I get past the plane ride and travelling without hubby, all should be good on our visit.


Blogger nancy said...

twinmom would be the Queen of traveling with preschoolers but my hints are :

lots of snax
lots of 'new' things from the Dollar store stashed away as boredom busters.

You are gonna have a great adventure! Make sure to take his pic while sitting on the plane.

8:09 AM  

Have a great trip!

10:43 AM  
Blogger twinmomplusone said...

as a seasoned traveler got to agree with nancy: in HIS carrying bag/backpack...lots of little snacks, sippy cup with juice/water, some new doodads from dollar store (not with little pieces though), little books for you to read together on plane or while waitng to board, a cheapy electronic toy, some markers and small coloring book, a favorite small stuffed animal. If you end up sitting next to a window, looking outside will keep him entertained as well as the plane TV and the brochure that expalins what to do in an emergency...this one always intrigues them to no end for some reason.

Before boarding, let him run around to burn off some energy, go to bathroom, bring yourself a change of top and him a change of clothes for those small spillage type of accidents. For take off and landing, some kids need to suck on water or chew gum to help them with teh decompression of the air.

but MOST IMPORTANT, go with the flow, explore new sites, new things, airports can be fascinating for little boys and a pic of him in plane is mandatory ;)

1:22 PM  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

Have FUN


11:55 AM  

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