Monday, May 29, 2006

What a weekend!

If only "J" and I did not have this mid-western cold. It sure slowed us down. It has been so long since I have had a cold that I forgot how much it can suck the life right out of you. My head is full and my voice still crackly, so I was taking more frequent rests this weekend than I should have.

We managed to get the pool up and running. We decided to get a bigger pool this year for more swimming enjoyment and fun. Four summers ago, we got one of those semi-inflatable pools. It was 12' around by 2.5' tall. It was the best $150 we ever spent. Especially the summer I was pregnant with "J". I just floated the last two months of my pregnancy away. We opted for a bigger (15'x4') steel frame design this year. We were able to catch one on sale. It took three of us (four if you count "J") and about three hours to put it all together. Then, it took two hoses and seven hours of running water to fill it. It was cold, but we went in anyway! "J" has a special suit with built in floatation in it, but he decided to sit it out on the ladder. Which is closer than he got all last summer. I imagine we will be having a summer full of swimming fun, I can hardly wait already.

In other news, it only took "J" until after lunch on Saturday to start going down the slide again. It is a very fast slide, but with a little coaching he was flying down in no time. Each time he is ready to go down he yells, "Look out below!". Something I thought would be good when "J2" is here with him and of course for the poor dogs who thought it would be fun to lie at the bottom of the slide.

We aparently over did it outside this weekend as "J" had some heat stroke last night. He wouldn't eat his supper and was quite shaky, sweaty for a bit. Then, well, he was sick... all over me... and he felt much better. He is back to his usual self this morning, eating his "Cheerios" and running around, so all is right in his world. I will have to remember that just because we can stay outside all day long, doesn't mean that "J" can, even with all the sunscreen, hats, juice, shade from the umbrella, etc....

Hope you all enjoyed such a wonderful weekend!


Blogger nancy said...

Woweee - play structures and swimming pools...sounds like a resort to me. Any vacancies??

Sounds like a great weekend, we ate all SIX meals outside, and of course, snax too.

8:29 AM  

It was a beautiful weekend to be outdoors. I sent my youngest inside yesterday afternoon to lay down. She had been outside playing since morn and I could tell she was fading fast. The little siesta did her the world of good. You tend to forget how much the sun takes out of you.

9:23 AM  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

Yup it was nice. Saturday we spent inkanata at a friends and ate lunch outside on there deck and then in the hot tub and then inside to watch there HD Plasma t.v and then back into the hot tub and more drinks and then back in when the skiteers got bad to watch another movie!

Sunday i spent on the lawn tractor cutting a sunburn and loved it all!

Skeeteers too bad right now to eat outside.

9:27 AM  
Blogger twinmomplusone said...

It certainly was a beautiful week-end, perfect pool weather!
It also was unusually hot and smoggy, difficult for little ones. Hence his heat stroke. Mine have been coughing more and needed their puffers since this "heat wave" started. So I'm actually keeping them inside for that and for the skeeters too.

1:09 PM  

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