Monday, May 22, 2006

Regina - Part Two

The weekend passed quickly and we are left with only two and a half days of our vacation. Hubby is missing us terribly at home and although we are missing him too, it is easier to be distracted with four kids and two adults trying to fill every waking moment with fun.

The kids are having a great time. With only minor disagreements, mostly due to tiredness and a cold they all have, they are all generally happy kidlets.

We attempted a movie day yesterday. We went to see "Over the Hedge". "J" faired better than his two older cousins. There is a moment with a bear that appears scarey, but is over quickly. "J" never watches a movie all the way through the first time anyway, so I was surprised that he made it through a whole hour. We will have to go back to watch the rest when we are back home, possibly with "J2". I am anxious to see the ending too! I will say that for the hour that I saw it was well done and quite cute.

We also went to Church yesterday. I was looking forward to seeing and attending my Sister's Church, but unfortunately my Sis had signed up for nursery duty and her first time was yesterday. So, I got to be her helper as the other lady didn't show up. We did get to attend the beginning worship with the band and "J" was dancing away as the band had quite a similar sound to "U2". It was also quite neat as many people were looking at me funny like, aren't you the Sister that used to live here? Me and my youngest sister are often mistaken for twins, only she is skinnier and has less wrinkles. Then there were the people that could hear my voice but not see me and thought I was my older sister. It was quite fun.

I haven't spent a full week with my Sister for many, many years and it is quite amazing to hear both of us together as not only do we sound almost exactly the same, but we say the same sayings, talk to our kids the same way and have pretty much the same laugh. It has been really cool to be here. Not sure what we have in store for this holiday Monday, but am sure that it will pack lots of fun and include some more tour of the city!

**note: tried to add more photos, but had no luck, hopefully tomorrow.


Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

Maybe I'll take Nathan to see that. Miranda has a Project to finish and I need tot ake Nathan out of the way for a few hours. This might be a good way.

8:52 AM  
Blogger nancy said...

You sure seem to be having the best visit ever! Enjoy...did you say hi to my aunt & uncle for me yet? They live on Pasqua street.

7:50 AM  

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