Friday, June 02, 2006

Hot Weather Meme

This is from Jo(e)'s Page a littel hot weather Meme to start off the summer.

How do you cope with hot weather? Better than I cope with anything else. I am truly a hot weather girl and the only thing keeping me going during the winter is knowing that the hot weather is on its way.

When does the heat make you most crazy? When it is so humid that Hubby can't stop complaining.

Your favorite hot weather music? "Boys of Summer" by Don Henley, "Summer Girls" by LFO, any song by John Mellencamp or Bryan Adams.

Where do you go to get air conditioning? Now I just stay home. Last year was the first time in my life I have ever had airconditioning. Hubby had it for many years, then I made him live without it for 10 years. Last year I lost that battle. I hate it. Air Conditioning makes me not want to go outside, it makes me catch my breath, it makes me cold. I hate being cold.

Your favorite hot weather food? Daiquiri's. Oh ya, that's not food. Chips from the chip wagon, hot and greasy.

Your favorite people to visit in the hot weather? My family in the South, Delaware. Nothing say summer like 110 degrees, 100% humidity and my Aunt's Peach pie.

Your favorite way to wear your hair in the hot weather? Down. I have long hair, but I love wearing it down. If I go for a walk, I will tie it up, but I do prefer it down.

Your favorite hot weather drink? Daiquiri's, preferably raspberry, but strawberry will do too. (And they don't have to be alcoholic).

Your hot weather story? Our wedding. We were married on May 1st, in a tent on a golf course. Traditionally May is an iffy month. The year before, when we were engaged, it was 30 degrees (Celcius), so I planned the wedding for the following year. April 30th was cool and rainy, we were making plans for the heaters in the tent. But, all the sun in it's glory shone down on us, without a cloud in the sky. It was 30 degrees and really hot in the tent. I remember saying my vows and wondering if everyone could see the sweat running down my back. It was a perfect day.

Is hot weather good for anything? Good for your skin, your hair, your feet, good for going out in next to no clothes. Sandals and sundresses. Sandy beaches and swimming.


Blogger jo(e) said...

I too hate air conditioning -- although I will succumb and go the movies with my husband on really hot nights and I admit that it does feel great to be cool for a couple of hours.

It's nice to read answers that are so positive and upbeat about hot weather!

8:45 PM  
Blogger nancy said...

Hot weather question: what do you do about your sweaty pits??

Just TEASING!!! You are such a hot weather beach chick, and I am just so not.

10:53 PM  
Blogger twinmomplusone said...

no wonder we call you beachmama ;)

10:21 PM  
Blogger BeachMama said...

Ahhh Nancy. I have always been a sweater (sweaty pit chick that is). Then I found this wonderful Secret deoderant and for seven wonderful years I did not have a drop of sweat from these pits, no matter what the heat and humidity. Then I took one last shot from a fertility drug and well, I have not stopped sweating ever since. One more reason to hate those drugs :). But, it doesn't matter when you are at the beach ;)

8:51 AM  

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