Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Home sweet home

Hubby returned.. YAY! J is still under the weather though, his cough continued so it was not the crackers. And his fever returned the last two days aroung this time of day (4pm) so I am watching him carefully right now to nip it with medicine before it gets too high. He is doing much better today though, he is more himself with a cold than the whiney, crying, defiant little boy he was with the fever. And he has been chasing the dogs again which means he must be feeling great.

I am down to 4500 words left to go on the novel!!! The deadline is midnight on the 30th. Am I happy with my novel, you bet. And I know for sure I am going to edit and rewrite. I already see a few places where I can completely revamp and pull more things together. I just keep telling myself not to edit right now, and it doesn't matter how it turns out, just that it is finished.

Countdown to Christmas is coming... for kiddy inspiration I will be watching Nancy everyday. Last year was lots of fun and very inspirational, I hope to post a few things that we will be doing to get ready for the holidays too. All inspired by Nancy of course.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope J is well on the mend.

And thanx for playing - see ya soon!

10:53 PM  
Blogger cybercasey said...

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