Tuesday, December 05, 2006


is the day for retrival. All the follicles grew fast overnight, exactly what I thought. I will trigger tonight (this is such a technical term for forcing the maturity of my follicles) and I will be first on the block on Thursday morning, have to be there at 7:30am, good news is that I should be home by ten at the latest. YAY!

Bad news is my beta won't be until after Christmas because they close over the Christmas weekend, etc. So, I will most likely cave and POS because I need to know before Christmas, that is just how I am.

I left J with my Sister today for my shopping morning. Got to my first store. Shopped. Put the stuff in the trunk. Put the key in the ignition. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Good old Dad was called in to the rescue, and as he doesn't get to do it very often anymore, he was there in less than a half an hour. That is a record for him (I sat on the side of the 416 one beautiful spring day when I got off work early for an hour and a half waiting for gas, he made a few stops on the way to bring me the gas. And it was Hubby who told me I could go another 100km when the light came on... he was wrong). So Dad showed up, cleaned the contacts of the battery, jumped the sucker and off we went to our favorite garage. They are the best these guys, two Mexican brothers, checked out the car, determined that the battery was toast (car was dead again already) and had me with a new battery and some 2007 calendars within an hour. Gotta love the little guys, did I mention they are the best? So, I rushed to finish the last bit of Christmas shopping I had to finish (stuff for J and the kids) the rest for Hubby will just have to wait until I am back on my feet.

I did leave my Sister with some crafts for the kids that I prepared, they made some snowmen out of construction paper. They had a blast, and I arrived just at the right time when they had had enough of each other. Yet another day of J &J2.

Tonight, the tree!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yay for teh trigger!

despite all teh Christams rush please promise me to take some time to rest...your body has some importatn work to do :)


10:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh wow, Anna, this came up so fast!! Have been thinking of you lots, and will send my very eggiest thoughts to you on Thursday. Good luck!!

2:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thinking of you today...

8:24 AM  

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