Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I must be Canadian, all I can think about is the weather

We woke up to grass, but a dusting of snow happened upon us. I thought it was supposed to be warmer today, but apparently that is being saved for tomorrow. Yes, I have brought out my patio furniture, we actually needed to organize some of the space being used by the furniture and I needed a place to sit when the weather was nice. And yes, the weather turned bad again the day after I brought it out, so shoot me, but I was eager.

After preschool this morning J and I thought we should invite J2 over for another round of backyard shenanigans. The weather seemed nice, the snow had melted and the sun was shining. Of course, by the time they got here, the sun went into hiding and it was cool again. This year is really turning out fun as the boys can play outside while we stay inside and watch through the windows. Of course when it gets just a bit warmer, we will join them outside, but my Sister is a bigger wimp than I am when it comes to the cold so she won't even go out if I light the BBQ and bring blankets (I am kidding about lighting the BBQ, but I did offer if she really wanted to go out).

The boys had a great time, got a couple of hours of fresh air and only fought once. J2 got caught going up the ladder for the pool, which is stored beside the house, so he was trying to use the "force" on his Auntie but he forgot I am immune.

My only request is that this snow thing takes a hike until at least December so we can get on with our Spring and Summer. I truly am sick of it and refuse to pull out J's winter jacket again.



Blogger chichimama said...

Yeah, I am SO done with winter jackets. And we were so fooled by the warm weather a few weeks ago. I am itching to start planting...

6:07 PM  
Blogger Jocelyn said...

Well, then, J is going to be awfully cold the next few weeks, eh?

I actually had washed and stored away the snowpants but had to pull them out of storage last week when we got 13 inches of snow here in Northern MN. Good thing I like snow...

3:43 PM  

We all might need our winter jackets and snowboots tomorrow! It's supposed to snow...again.

4:42 PM  
Anonymous kailani said...

I can't believe how cold it still is! I'm sure it doesn't even feel like Spring yet for you!

2:21 AM  

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