Monday, April 30, 2007

New Kitchen?

Nope, just a can of paint. Finally, after picking the colours last fall, and painting half of the main floor, Hubby pulled out the brushes and ladder and got to work. I don't have a before photo to show, but basically it was builders white. The first paint colour I chose was Pratt and Lambert's Manchester. Manchester is a grey/green and I had it in our last kitchen. I love it, a calming, soothing colour. But after we had painted the family room in Platinum and Toasted Wheat, then added the dining room in Vintage Claret. It became obvious that Manchester was just a little too subtle. The greyish green would just not have matched.
With a little help from my Mother and Father, both of whom are talented with paint and colour (my Mom loves to decorate and my Father is a painter by trade) we picked Blue Fox. I love blue in a house. It just makes me happy. But we have a table with green legs and dishes that are green too. The more I thought about it the more I realized that we need a new table anyway as it only seats four and we are soon to be five. And the dishes, well, they are about 14 years old now and are from another era before Hubby and I were together. So really, I just need a new table and some new dishes and the kitchen will be perfect. For now, they will just have to clash.
And on a totally unrelated to the kitchen note. I bought a Cranium game for J today called Hullabaloo. Oh my word. It is awesome. It can be played with one player or up to six. There are different shaped and coloured mats with different pictures on them. The main part is the little speaker that tells the kids directions like "slide to a red mat, tip-toe to a square mat". It is a little like Twister, but the kids can play all alone. J lasted a half an hour playing until he was burnt out. The best part about the $34.95 price tag? It was 50% off at Indigo! Run, don't walk to your nearest Indigo or Chapters, they have several different Cranium games on sale for 50% off. My Sister picked up one of the others for the kids to play.

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Blogger kate5kiwis said...

i am totally with you on the blue thing.
green plates???
no. can. do.
i picked up a whole lotta unmatching white ones at my local sally army (translation= thrift store, i think) and they are fabulous, and since they only cost about 80 cents each, i don't worry at all when they get accidentally thrown on the floor lol.

4:44 PM  
Blogger chichimama said...

I love the color!

And Hullabaloo is a HUGE hit here as well. Although with the two kids is usually degrades into a pushing match as they both dive for the piano...

5:34 PM  
Anonymous valerie said...

Sarah got Hullabaloo for her b'day and loves it - it's so great 'cause, as you say, easy to play with just one person, or with others jumping in for a round then out again. The only place I've found it recently was Tag Along Toys - $50! I'm heading to Chapters, thank you very much - it will make a great gift!

I like the blue, too. :)

7:24 PM  
Blogger nancy said...

Love the new colour!! And thanx for the games on sale tip - we have a b-day fast approaching and I will pick one up tonight!

7:32 PM  
Blogger Pendullum said...

Beautiful kitchen colours...
And Cranium is one great game...
Everyone should dash out and make this steal...

8:13 AM  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

I LOVE THAT BLUE! And you should have paintd before I was there last week so I could see it in person.

Now I have to invite myself back to see it. ;)

Clashing dishes...I would never notice but Get a new table..I love shopping for furinture! ;)

8:19 AM  
Blogger Laurie said...

Awesome new colour!

and thanks for the tip on Hullabaloo... i picked one up at Chapters last night. Well, that and a grande Caramel Macchiato. :)

2:49 PM  
Blogger Chrissy121875 said...

Amazing what a new coat of paint can do to a room, eh? Love the colour!

Great blog, btw!

3:17 PM  
Blogger twinmomplusone said...

meant to tell you, LOVE that blue, it looks so much like the one I have in both living room and family room, did you know blue is my favorite color?

dishes? get new ones, doesn't have to be pricey and makes it fun

and LOVE your blog banner, so perfectly YOU


1:03 PM  

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