Monday, April 23, 2007

Wonderful Weekend

Words can't really describe the transformation our weather went through. We went from snowstorm on Monday to midsummer by the weekend. Complete with BBQ's, sprinklers and soaking in the sun. And yes, that is a new photo of J, complete with a new sunshirt. But because I bought his swimsuit bigger last year it still fits him! I may pick up another one just to be different.

J got a new telescope for his fort. It isn't really telescopic, but he doesn't need to know that. It's all about the fun.

Our grass seems to really have taken a hit from the good weather last fall, but we already have a plan in action to green it back up. Although we were super eager to get going on it this weekend we did have to remind ourselves that it was only April and we needed to wait a couple of weeks so we don't waste all our time.

One of the strangest things about this weekend was that the roads were quiet and the stores (except the lawn care centres) were quiet. It would seem that as soon as the weather is good everyone hangs out at home. Either in their own backyards or cleaning garages, we saw a lot of that this weekend.

It was so wonderful that we only stepped out for a few minutes each day to take a break from the sun and pick up a few necessities. All our neighbours that we haven't seen all winter were out in fine form and I got to start working on my tan. Unfortunately it won't be as dark as my little Sisters' but it is definately a start. The weatherman is forecasting more seasonable weather for the rest of the week, which will make it a good ten degrees cooler than it has been. But, hey, we got a good taste of summer and I like it!

I thought our weekend was really grand, then I got a photo from my Sister in Seaside, Florida where she was staying at a friends beach house for the weekend for a bachelorette. I included a photo so you could be just as jealous as I am.

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Blogger Kailani said...

That is a beautiful beach shot but your family had a wonderful time at home. That's what counts.

An Island Life

3:21 AM  
Blogger little miss mel said...

Ah, what a drag! Can't someone just enjoy their brown grass without getting a photo of the ocean?

The fort looks awesome. He does look like such a little boy. Guess that is what happens in their 3's.

Yea for wearing swimsuit again. Hoping for the same outcome over here. Should be in the mid 80's by the weekend. Yikes!

12:39 PM  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

BUmmmer. I want white sand and sun.

Although You LOOKED GOOD yesterday chickie and I'm gonna get yelled at for not taking your belly SHOT.

Love the banner by the way.


3:33 PM  

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