Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tags, tags, tags...

Thank you miss mel, for tagging me with a seven's meme. I think I may have done one of these before, but hey let's see if I can list seven things I haven't listed before. And if I repeat myself then I apologize.

Here are the rules... Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those tagged need to write in their blogs the 7 facts, as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag seven others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog. Ok, so I don't really like tagging people, but if you want to play along leave a comment saying that you played so we can all check out what you wrote.

1. I lived in England for a year as a child. I was six going on seven and my younger Sister by one was born there. My father was posted there to open a church so we all tagged along for the ride. The six month stint turned into a year. I have fond memories of living there despite the rainy weather. I remember all and I mean all of the castles. I remember our trip to Paris and NOT going up the Eiffel Tower because I figured we would be back again soon (uh... thirty years later I have not been back) and I remember wearing uniforms to school and how cool I thought it was. We came home with a British accent and lots of jealousy from our friends here. I would love to go back one day.

2. I used to ride a motorcycle. Not that long ago either, ok, it was actually seventeen years ago... I am starting to feel really, really old. I miss my bike especially when the weather is this awesome and you want to feel the freedom of the open air. Hubby used to ride too, but neither of us have bikes now, such a shame. We can't even convince A to want to learn he thinks they are silly. Not when you have to pay for your own gas it isn't!!

3. I play a cello. It is such a strange instrument to play, but I wanted to go to a certain middle school and I had to play a stringed instrument. Lori Singer played the cello on Fame and always looked so cool, so I thought I should give it a try. I don't look quite as cool and I need some practice, but my cello sits in the basement eagerly awaiting to be held again.

4. I was a cheerleader in High School. And I loved every second of it. I was deferred for a year because my marks were a bit low, but eventually I made it to the junior squad and became captain, then on to the senior squad. I was so tall that I thought they wouldn't take me because of it, but that wasn't it at all. I even remeber some of the cheers. I would love to coach a cheerleading squad now with all the extra flips and dances that they do now compared to when I was a cheerleader.

5. I have a thirst for knowledge. Some days it just doesn't seem that way, but I truly love to know a little bit about everything. I loved it when my friends would call me up because they couldn't figure out how to work something or clean something or fix something. I get my thirst from my Dad. Although he is not always right when it comes to opinions about things, he is really truly right when it comes to fixing or putting things together. We think alike us two, and I love it!

6. I love to cook. And that includes baking. Sadly, as of late I have not been doing a lot of either. And it isn't because I am pregnant, although it plays a small part. It is because I am tired of cooking these awesome gourmet meals that I alone appreciate. When you spend a good 45 minutes making a delicious Chicken Wellington it just sucks the life out of you when two of your family members pour a bottle of ketchup over it and the other eats a ham and cheese sandwich. Cooking for one is just not that much fun. And baking is off right now because we can all stand to lose a couple of pounds.

7. I am my Mother. There I said it. Now if any of you tell her I admitted it on the Internet, I will find you. I can distinctly remember the argument that my Mom and I had back when I was about sixteen or seventeen where I yelled at her, "When I get older I will be the exact opposite of you!" That lasted about five years, then slowly I turned into her. Complete with the cleaning obsessively (I am not as bad as her though) and the way I bring up J, it is all my Mom. So it is true, you eventually become just like your Mom.

And those are seven things about me. Will be back tomorrow with an update on the long weekend, the basement, the new haircut and more.



Blogger kate5kiwis said...

but, i think i'm becoming my *father* (including the beard... eeeeeeewwwww).
what is with that?????

4:44 PM  
Blogger little miss mel said...

Well done! Thanks for playing along. :)

I truly love the fact you started the cello cause Lori from FAME played. I would totally do something like that.

I was a cheerleader too and loved it just as much. :)

10:54 AM  
Anonymous LVGurl said...

I played the violin! I wanted so badly to switch to cello, but the music shop didn't have any cellos for rental. So I stuck with the 'ol violin.

I adore baking, but I end up eating it all myself. Too dangerous!

12:55 AM  

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