Friday, March 10, 2006

"Disney on Ice"

Am I a bad parent because I was bored at the "Disney on Ice" show?? The first half was pretty good, excitement wise. "J" had a blast, he was dancing and singing away, it was great! Then we took a break. The second half was not so exciting. "J" was asking to go home after about 5 minutes. If I could have escaped our row, I would have left for sure. The second half was mostly a love story with Tarzan and Jane. And although I was rather impressed with Tarzan's physique, it just wasn't enough to keep me captivated for the whole second half.

After "J" asked to go home for the 100th time, I was very thankful that the finale was on and it was indeed time to go. I think we had a better time going for lunch with a girlfriend and her kids and another friend and her kids. I am not sure the server at Boston Pizza would agree that she had the best of time, but oh well, it's payback time for all those years I had to clean up after other people and their kids! And ours were mostly loud, not messy. "J" had his first leak out in a very long time, and of course I had no extra pants. I had just checked his diaper too! I think he is getting close to the potty training thing as he seems to p almost immediately after a large drink. He didn't p again until 6pm!! But, it made my girlfriend laugh to see my son running around a restaurant in his diaper and socks ( he wanted to take his boots off!). Thankfully it was a warmer day outside so I wrapped him in my skijacket and bundled him in the car, where there are blankets and a heater :)

I am starting to feel better now that the drugs are wearing off, but it is safe to officially say that our experiment was a total bust. Can't wait for the follow-up appointment on this one!! Funny how they "forgot" all about me and didn't schedule anything, but I didn't forget and made sure to make the appointment for a couple of weeks away so I would be back to my old emotional self. "On with the show" as Bugs Bunny would sing!


Blogger chichimama said...

C really wants to see Sesame Street Live but I just ca't bring myself to sit through it. Maybe next year...

Good luck with your appointment...

6:53 AM  
Blogger twinmomplusone said...

those shows always tend to be too long for little ones, after the initial excitement of being there the attention span dwindles, especially if its not super captivating

so glad to hear your spirits are up! talk to you in a few weeks, and I'll bring buckets full of sand for your happy place ;)

9:33 AM  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

Glad I didn't go. I always feel like I am taking my kids from soemthing by not going. AND WHY do they need a love story when the young go?


3:47 PM  
Anonymous Robin said...

I got a letter from the Boston Pizza people today asking me not to return until my children are 25.. ;)

Not the best show. But, the company was great.

4:51 PM  
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