Monday, March 13, 2006

The Sugar Bush

Our first trip to the Sugar Bush with "J" this weekend and it was great! It was great for many reasons. The weather was better than anyone could ask for, sunshine and well above freezing temperatures is the perfect day for a sleigh ride.

The day was pulled together by one of my girlfriends. Another girlfriend was coming up for the weekend and a day was organized to get together for a visit. What a great time. After the sleigh ride (which technically wasn't at a sugar bush, but they brought in the maple sap to boil) through the country we all headed back to the house for some good food, good wine and girly chatter. The husbands were great, they all retired to a separate room to chat and let the ladies catch up. The kids ran around like crazy and fun appeared to be had by all, with only the occaisional mishap, but nothing serious.

There is nothing like a great day with girlfriends to retore the spirit, almost like sitting on the beach for a day, almost.