Thursday, June 08, 2006

Splashin' Fun

Oh the fun we had. I have been helping my Sister all week as she has been laid up with a bad back. We spent a day and a half inside, then I couldn't take it anymore. My Mom was off yesterday, so I called in the reinforcements. We packed up the kids and took them out. We went to McDonald's Playland for lunch (although, I am thinking they don't play enough there, so we will start going to Subway instead) then, after getting kicked out for no socks, we headed to the water park.

There is no link for the water park, but it is located on Longfields Drive in Barrhaven. It was built probobly four years ago now, and is only a five minute walk from my parents place. For the last two years it wasn't open during the day while school was still in, as it is located directly beside Mother Theresa's High School and the students would go and cool off then head back to class.

In addition to the waterpark, there is a canteen and a huge sand park. It was evident yesterday that many Mom's hang out there all day. One Mom was getting some sun while napping on her lawn chair. Others were reading a good book and others still were chatting and picnicing while the kids played and got wet or sandy. There is a pavillion to keep off the shade (this is where my Mom and Baby A took refuge), but NO benches. Note to self: bring lawn chairs next time and an umbrella (not for me, but for Mom).

The waterpark doesn't consistantaly pour down water, the kids have to work for it. There are sensors located all over the place and you have to stand with your hand in front of them to keep the water going. It does make sense (Parents would get the sensors going and watch their kids at the same time), but is a bit of a pain when you don't necessarily want to get soaked. I did get a good dunking a couple of times, but was able to stay dry for the most part.

So all in all it was a great day, "J" and "J2" were all done after an hour, which was more than enough time for Mom and I. In addition, they were worn out, had fun, laughed and ran and didn't cry, and best of all... asked to go back again. I documented it all for my Sister so she could feel like she had been there with us. We will be going again, it may even become a weekly event.


Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

LOL That sounds Awesome!

There is one in Buckingham but I'm not crazy about it. ANd it's new. Plus there is one a Philemon where Mir and her friends go after an exam. They get sock. She knows wnough not to wear WHITE.

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