Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Day with No TV

Today we did a little experiment. We had a day with no TV!

We haven't had one of those in a while and although J still plays when the TV is on, I really felt like we needed to have a day without it. Even for us big kids. It was great. I gave J my old camera and he snapped away.

We also set up the video camera on a tripod so J could recite his poem from school.

We visited J2, his cousin. They played and had their photos taken.

We went to the craft store and picked up some craft supplies. We built foam men with our supplies (photos on flickr). We practiced letters, or the letter J I should say. And J drew his first person.Phew. What a day. I can't believe what we did in one day and it wasn't even all that exciting. It was just a day without TV. I am going to have to do this more often. It is a bit challenging for me as when the TV is not on, J expects me to be at his beck and call. Then when Apple is calling he doesn't want me to leave what we are doing to tend to her. I think if we did this a little more often then there would be less expected of me.

Don't tell too many people but, I do have to say that I loved our day without TV. I used to always have it on for the company, but I can honestly say, at least for today, that I enjoyed not competing with the additional noise.



Blogger chichimama said...

More power to you, I couldn't do it. We don't have it on much, but when it is on, I love it so.... :-).

10:20 PM  
Anonymous kailani said...

We try to go at least 1/2 day without the tube but I don't know if we could last the whole day!

10:28 PM  
Blogger C said...

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11:08 PM  
Blogger C said...

That's awesome! No TV allows for some nice quality time sometimes :)

Hey, at least your day was a day with no TV (and by choice)! Ours was a day with no hot water! Our hot water heater konked out and Hubby had to replace it ASAP! No hot water to shower, wash dishes...How on earth did people survive in the "Little House on the Prairie" days? LOL! Just kidding...I did boil water to do my dishes, but it was sooooooooo annoying! Truly makes you realize how much you take little things for granted! :)

11:09 PM  
Blogger Karen MEG said...

Good for you! I don't think we'd survive without the TV. Well, kidding, but it would be a lot more work to keep the kids amused. Yes, I am a bad mother!

11:45 PM  
Blogger Kami said...

We try to leave the TV off unless we are watching a specific show. I hate background noise, it drives me nuts.

I do use TV more often than I care to admit to keep them busy when I have work to get done.


9:50 AM  
Blogger kate5kiwis said...

ohgosh, blogger has successfully managed to load the comment box today, sorry, long time no chat, loving the pix of beautiful apple... she's growing so fast...

this tv post is great. i tend to pop it on for a wee while in the morning (kids channel or maybe a quick movie, but that's more than a wee while i know) and then we keep it off during the day. except if it's raining and raining then we might watch a little something late afternoon.
we listen to a lot of music...
love X

3:22 PM  
Blogger Chantal said...

Wow no TV, you brave brave woman. TV is my dinner prep saviour, as in M won't leave me alone and always wants to "help", unless Dora is on (Thank you PVR). His helping is not always a bad thing... Maybe I will post on that one day! Good for you! Glad it went well.

7:30 PM  
Blogger Family Adventure said...

That's awesome. We have 'no electronics' days, which Benjamin used to call 'no electricity' days, with no TV, DS, PlayStation, etc.
Once you get used to no TV, it's not too bad. But on those days when the weather is just miserable and the boys are climbing the walls....well, let's just say I'm flexible.

Heidi :)

2:12 PM  
Anonymous andrea from the fishbowl said...

You know what's worked for me in the past? Hanging a big "no TV" sign on our entertainment unit (our TV is hidden behind doors). The kids learned what that meant pretty quickly, and I was amazed at how easily they managed to find alternative things to do.

When Emma was small and I used to work FT, we used to dress her in front of the TV. Those extra minutes in the morning are pretty valuable, and it was easier this way. At some point it dawned on me that we didn't really *need* the tv that much after all, and that she was turning into a zombie who didn't want to leave Dora when it was time to go.

Now, the girls are 8 and 6. They don't watch any (zero!) tv during the week, unless it's Friday night movie night. Seriously, we don't have time. I don't know where other families find the time. On the weekends they binge with 2 or 3 hours of commercial free tv on Saturday morning and ditto for Sunday... unless we're doing something else.

I'm happy with how we've got it structured. But they don't know about YTV or Teletoon yet. Perhaps things will change once they figure out how to use our remote control properly, 'cause it's there written in blue and white :)

8:51 PM  

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