Thursday, March 16, 2006

I Love Surprises!!

Oh how I love surprises!!!! Imagine the thrill this morning when I went to the mailbox and discovered this lovely box addressed to me. When Ann Douglas finished her latest book, she put out a call to the first five people to name her lastest creation. Those five people would get a prize. Having been a previous recipiant of a prize (Hotel Horror Stories) I know that Ann puts a lot of thought and care into these care packages. And I was thrilled to be a winner again!

Before I even had the box fully open I was making plans for the use of this gorgeous pink bag! I love handbags, and do not have a pink one to match my pink coat or pink poncho. I love it!!!!

Thinking the pink bag was more than enough for naming on of Ann's fabulous books, I took it out of the box and found more fun and funky things.

The bag, a pink notebook, a tangerine candle and a few books. First, "The Best American Short Stories" by Sue Miller (books on tape, how divine for the bath). Then "The Hypochondriac's Handbook" by Wendy Marston and "Normal is just a Setting on the Dryer" by Adair Lara . And a "Grinch" notecard. the very bottom of the box... La piece de resistance....

"The New Complete Coffee Book" a gourmet guide to buying, brewing, and cooking. By Sara Perry. Oh my goodness!! The recipes and my love of coffee alone are yelling at me to bake, bake, bake! I will wait, I want to enjoy the first creation that comes from this book. In the meantime I will read up on my bean purchases and try an new coffee called "thai kah-fe" sounds scrumptiously delicious.

A big Thank You to Ann for such a treat. My day was made so bright by the simple trip to the mailbox. It was a trip worth making. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!